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Schwangerschaft und Elternschaft

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  • - What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
    von Robert T. Kiyosaki
    11,00 - 13,00 €

    Taking to heart the message that the poor and middle class work for money, but the rich have money work for them, the author lays out a financial philosophy based on the principle that income-generating assets always provide healthier bottom-line results.

  • von Milli Hill
    22,00 €

    von Philippa Perry
    13,00 €

  • - Simple Lessons for Radical Results
    von Esther Wojcicki
    13,00 €

    The Godmother of Silicon Valley, legendary teacher, and mother of three superstar daughters, shares her tried-and-tested methods for raising happy, healthy, successful children. How we raise and educate our children determines not only the people they become but the society we create.

  • - A Parent's Guide to Nurturing Your Baby with Love, Respect, and Understanding
    von Simone Davies & Junnifa Uzodike
    15,98 €

    A guide to raising a baby from birth to age one by applying the wisdom of Montessori, from the bestselling author of The Montessori Toddler and a coauthor with expertise in infant care and education.

  • - A Parent's Guide to Raising a Curious and Responsible Human Being
    von Simone Davies
    16,00 €

    A inspiring, beautifully-designed guide for parents of toddlers looking to bring the principles of Montessori education-curiosity, independence, respect-into their daily lives.

  • - A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting, from Birth to Preschool
    von Emily Oster
    11,00 €

  • - Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food
    von Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett
    20,00 €

    The fully updated and revised edition of Baby-led Weaning is a practical and authoritative guide to introducing solid food, enabling your child to grow up a happy and confident eater. It shows parents why baby-led weaning makes sense and gives them the confidence to trust their baby's natural skills and instincts. Filled with practical tips for getting started and the low-down on what to expect, Baby-led Weaning explodes the myth that babies need to be spoon-fed and shows why self-feeding from the start is the healthiest way for your child to develop. Your baby is allowed to decide how much they want to eat, how to eat it and to experiment with everything at their own pace. Baby-led weaning is a common-sense, safe, easy and enjoyable approach to feeding your baby. No more pur es and weaning spoons, and no more mealtime battles. Simply let your baby feed himself healthy family food.

  • - - med baggrund i kvantefysikken
    von Henning R. Jensen
    22,00 €

  • - Cook just once for you and your baby
    von Rebecca Wilson
    15,00 €

  • - How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five
    von John Medina
    15,00 €

    Whats the single most important thing you can do during pregnancy? What does watching TV do to a childs brain? Whats the best way to handle temper tantrums? Scientists know.In his New York Times bestseller Brain Rules, Dr. John Medina showed us how our brains really workand why we ought to redesign our workplaces and schools. Now, in Brain Rules for Baby, he shares what the latest science says about how to raise smart and happy children from zero to five. This book is destined to revolutionize parenting. Just one of the surprises: The best way to get your children into the college of their choice? Teach them impulse control.Brain Rules for Baby bridges the gap between what scientists know and what parents practice. Through fascinating and funny stories, Medina, a developmental molecular biologist and dad, unravels how a childs brain develops and what you can do to optimize it.You will view your childrenand how to raise themin a whole new light. Youll learn:Where nature ends and nurture beginsWhy men should do more household choresWhat you do when emotions run hot affects howyour baby turns out, because babies need to feel safeabove allTV is harmful for children under 2Your childs ability to relate to others predicts herfuture math performanceSmart and happy are inseparable. Pursuing your childsintellectual success at the expense of his happinessachieves neitherPraising effort is better than praising intelligenceThe best predictor of academic performance is notIQ. Its self-controlWhat you do right nowbefore pregnancy, during pregnancy, and through the first five yearswill affect your children for the rest of their lives. Brain Rules for Baby is an indispensable guide.

  • von Rachel Cusk
    12,00 €

    When first published in 2001, it divided female critics and readers. One famous columnist wrote a piece demanding that Cusk's children were taken into care, that was she was unfit to look after them. Oprah Winfrey invited her on the show to defend herself and the book as protests grew about the its honest, gritty account of the misery of those early months. It is a seminal, stand-out book on the complications of being an ambivalent mum in an age of white-washed, Annabel Karmel'd new families.

  • - Up-to-date Advice and 100 Quick Recipes
    von Joe Wicks
    17,00 €

    The all-you-need to know weaning guide for modern parents from Joe Wicks, Britain's favourite healthy cook and fitness sensation.

  • - the bestselling parenting guide to nurturing your child's developing mind
    von Daniel J. Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson
    17,00 €

    Often, parenting is treated like some form of manipulation or behavioural coercion that must be kept secret from children. This book focuses on discoveries about the brain that give us deep insights into the children we care for, what they need, and how to discipline them in ways that foster optimal development.

  • - the power and purpose of the teenage brain
    von Daniel J. Siegel
    17,00 €

    In this groundbreaking book, the bestselling author of Parenting from the Inside Out and The Whole-Brain Child shows parents how to turn one of the most challenging developmental periods in their children's lives into one of the most rewarding.

  • von Indra Nooyi
    15,00 €

  • - Meditation, Yoga, Hypnobirthing, Natural Remedies, and Nutrition - Trimester by Trimester
    von Tracy Donegan
    17,00 €

  • - one boy's voice from the silence of autism
    von Naoki Higashida
    10,00 - 11,00 €

    The No. 1 Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller.Written by Naoki Higashida when he was only thirteen, this remarkable book provides a rare insight into the often baffling behaviour of autistic children. Using a question and answer format, Naoki explains things like why he talks loudly or repeats the same questions, what causes him to have panic attacks, and why he likes to jump. He also shows the way he thinks and feels about his world - other people, nature, time and beauty, and himself. Abundantly proving that people with autism do possess imagination, humour and empathy, he also makes clear how badly they need our compassion, patience and understanding.David Mitchell and his wife have translated Naoki's book so that it might help others dealing with autism and generally illuminate a little-understood condition. It gives us an exceptional chance to enter the mind of another and see the world from a strange and fascinating perspective.The book also features eleven original illustrations, inspired by Naoki's words, by the artistic duo Kai and Sunny.

  • von Steve Biddulph
    13,00 €

    A word of mouth bestseller which has become one of the best loved and most successful books in the parenting field from Australian writer and lecturer Steve Biddulph, who's been called 'a mixture of Billy Connelly and Dr Spock' by The Times.In this expanded and updated edition, Steve Biddulph shares and gives practical and honest advice to parents so they can recognise the different stages of boyhood and learn how to raise happy, confident and kind young men.Boys need to be parented in a different way from girls with their own very special psychological and physical make-up. Home, society and education have failed boys badly - and these failures lead to unhappy men who cannot fully become happy, responsible, emotionally-confident adults.While it is essential that boys spend more time learning about manhood from their fathers, Biddulph updates his classic to include helpful information for mothers and single mothers with baby boys.This extended edition explores some important topics:.* How ADHD may be caused by stress in the first year of life.* Whether boys should start school later than girls.* Help for single mothers raising sons.* How to choose a sport that does more good than harm.* What we can do about boys and binge drinking.* What science can tell us about teenage boys and driving - and how we can keep our sons safe.Raising Boys offers parents real-life situations, thought-provoking insights, humour and help.

  • von Pamela Druckerman
    10,00 €

    Why do French children happily eat what is put in front of them?How can French mothers chat to their friends while their children play quietly?Why are French mothers more likely to be seen in skinny jeans than tracksuit bottoms?_______'Fascinating...gripping...extremely funny...I loved it.

  • - Simple Lessons to Help Your Child Become Self-Driven, Respectful, and Resilient
    von Esther Wojcicki
    13,98 €

    The Godmother of Silicon Valley, legendary teacher, and mother of a Super Family shares her tried-and-tested methods for raising happy, healthy, successful children using Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness: TRICK.Esther Wojcicki?"Woj" to her many friends and admirers?is famous for three things: teaching a high school class that has changed the lives of thousands of kids, inspiring Silicon Valley legends like Steve Jobs, and raising three daughters who have each become famously successful. What do these three accomplishments have in common? They're the result of TRICK, Woj's secret to raising successful people: Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness. Simple lessons, but the results are radical. Wojcicki's methods are the opposite of helicopter parenting. As we face an epidemic of parental anxiety, Woj is here to say: relax. Talk to infants as if they are adults. Allow teenagers to pick projects that relate to the real world and their own passions, and let them figure out how to complete them. Above all, let your child lead. How to Raise Successful People offers essential lessons for raising, educating, and managing people to their highest potential. Change your parenting, change the world.

  • - 30th Anniversary Edition
    von Annabel Karmel
    15,00 €

    Deals with cooking for babies and toddlers, and features fresh recipes and a fold-out meal plan poster. This title features a collection of recipes, with new dishes, handy advice and tips and colour photographs.

  • von Hollie McNish
    12,00 €

  • von Liz Climo
    12,00 €

    From bestselling author Liz Climo comes You're Mum, a hilarious and relatable ode to motherhood.Mums: they are there for us through the good, the bad, the scary, the sticky and everything in between. They also read us a lot of picture books along the way, and now there's a picture book just for them. With more than a hundred original drawings, You're Mum is a book for the new mum, the seasoned mum, anyone in a mum-like role, and anyone who has ever loved a mum. It's a short and sweet thank-you to those taking on the challenging role of parenting - which means you can read it and then hopefully get some sleep!

  • - The Judgment-Free Guide to Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum
    von January Harshe
    20,00 €

    An empowering and inclusive guide to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum life that puts mothers first--instead of an agenda--and offers passionate and straightforward guidance and options on the issues that matter most to them when preparing for a baby.

  • - New Edition - What to Feed, When to Feed and How to Feed your Baby
    von Annabel Karmel
    14,00 €

    With expertise spanning more than 25 years, London-born mother of three Annabel Karmel has pioneered the way families all over the world feed their babies and children. She is the UK's no.1 children's cookery author with 41 best-selling cookbooks, as well as, recipe apps, and cookbook-inspired supermarket food ranges. In 2006, Annabel received an MBE.

  • - A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child Turn Sounds and Words into Simple Conversations
    von Kate Wilde
    23,00 €

    This book guides parents in helping their autistic children to talk by using games that aid with language development. By responding to issues such as echolalia, scripting and repetitious language in an accessible and simple manner, Wilde provides answers that will help in their success.

  • - What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children
    von Alison Gopnik
    12,00 €

    Selected as a Book of the Year by the Financial Times`The Gardener and the Carpenter should be required reading for anyone who is, or is thinking of becoming a parent' Financial Times Caring deeply about our children is part of what makes us human.

  • - a science-based guide to pregnancy, birth, and infancy
    von Cecilia Chrapkowska & Agnes Wold
    17,00 €

    Swedes are some of the world's happiest people, and their children are no exception. Expecting - the Swedish Way will help you and your family embrace the Scandi style of childrearing: practical, egalitarian, and free from outdated myths. Expectant parents will be relieved to hear: Put away the vacuum - dust does not lead to allergy. Breastfeeding protects against allergies? Never has done, never will do. Stop boiling bottles and pacifiers - sterilising is unnecessary in most industrial countries. Think you shouldn't drink alcohol when breastfeeding? Plain moralism. Dr Agnes Wold has been named Sweden's Woman of the Year for her tireless work in women's health. Paediatrician Cecilia Chrapkowska runs the country's most popular parenting blog and is a specialist on vaccinations. Together they present cutting-edge research from around the world which can guide you to make better parenting choices. Drawing on Sweden's famously generous parental leave and enlightened social policies, they also demonstrate the importance of equal parenting and provide practical tools for parents everywhere to share responsibility equally. From the progressive land in the North, this is the fact-based, feminist guide to parenting you have been waiting for.

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