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Englische Bücher: Hobby & Freizeit

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Hobby & Freizeit
  • von George B. Bridgman
    11,89 €

    Reference shows important parts of the human body, both in motion and in repose: hand, wrist, fingers, forearm, neck, thigh, leg, and more. "Best book on artist's anatomy."" -- Art Students League News."

  • von Bill Watterson
    92,00 - 137,00 €

    The entire body of Calvin and Hobbescartoons published in a truly noteworthy tribute to this singular cartoon in The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.

  • - Inspirational Interiors from City Apartments to Country Manor Houses
    von Ben Pentreath
    28,00 €

    In this timeless and beautiful book, renowned architectural and interior designer, writer, shop-keeper and blogger Ben Pentreath presents a fresh and insightful overview of the classic English style.

  • - The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Formula 1 Designer
    von Adrian Newey
    27,00 €

    'Adrian has a unique gift for understanding drivers and racing cars. He is ultra competitive but never forgets to have fun. An immensely likeable man.' Damon Hill

    20,00 €

    Moleskine's classic large notebook in a softcover with an arresting reef blue cover. This notebook has a soft cover with themed graphics and details, rounded corners, elastic closure; includes a sheet of themed stickers, ribbon bookmark, expandable inner pocket in cardboard and cloth with themed endpapers. Large sized 21 x 13 cm, with plain pages.

  • von Michael Putnam & Taylor Putnam
    26,00 €

    The ultimate colour-by-colour flower reference guide - from New York's pre-eminent floral designers, Putnam and Putnam

  • von Scholastic
    11,00 €

    Transform a piece of paper into Harry Potter, the Sorting Hat or even Nagini! This book includes detailed instructions; custom-designed paper illustrated with art from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies; as well as handbook-type information about each person, creature or item you are building.

  • von Blythe Roberson
    17,58 €

    From New Yorker and Onion writer and comedian Blythe Roberson, How to Date Men When You Hate Men is a comedy philosophy book aimed at interrogating what it means to date men within the trappings of modern society. Blythe Roberson's sharp observational humor is met by her open-hearted willingness to revel in the ugliest warts and shimmering highs of choosing to live our lives amongst other humans. She collects her crushes like ill cared-for pets, skewers her own suspect decisions, and assures readers that any date you can mess up, she can top tenfold. And really, was that date even a date in the first place?With sections like Real Interviews With Men About Whether Or Not It Was A Date; Good Flirts That Work; Bad Flirts That Do Not Work; and Definitive Proof That Tom Hanks Is The Villain Of You've Got Mail, How to Date Men When You Hate Men is a one stop shop for dating advice when you love men but don't like them."e;With biting wit, Roberson explores the dynamics of heterosexual dating in the age of #MeToo"e;- The New York Times

  • von Tim Richardson
    28,00 €

    In SISSINGHURST: A DREAM GARDEN Tim Richardson reveals the magic and the mystery of these world-famous and most evocative English gardens, famous for their horticulture, their creators and the realisation of personal dreams.

  • von Jeffrey Edward Post
    23,00 €

    The scandals, mysteries, and human stories behind the worldΓÇÖs greatest gems are brought to life by the curator of the SmithsonianΓÇÖs National Gem Collection Dr. Jeffrey E. Post, curator of the National Gem Collection for more than 25 years, separates fact from fiction in an all-new and original book, revealing fresh information and regaling the reader with anecdotes and tales of some of the worldΓÇÖs greatest and most famous gemstones. Dr. Post is the author of the now out-of-print book The National Gem Collection (Abrams, 1997), which has sold more than 50,000 copies. In this brand-new book, he tells the stories of the SmithsonianΓÇÖs most famous gems, including the Hope Diamond, Star of Asia Sapphire, Carmen Lucia Ruby, Hooker Emerald, and Blue Heart DiamondΓÇöand also presents the tales, details, and fascinating facts surrounding rarely displayed gems from the Smithsonian vault and additions made to the collection since 1997. Not only a resource for learning about rare and beautiful gems, the book also presents the stories of the people who once owned or were associated with these jewelsΓÇöfrom ordinary people to kings, emperors, maharajas, celebrities, and captains of industry.

  • von Jorge Cham & Daniel Whiteson
    12,00 - 15,00 €

    If the Universe had an FAQ, this would be it - an eminent physicist (at CERN & the University of California) and the cartoonist (behind the hugely successful PhD Comics) answer the most common, most outrageous and funniest questions about our universe

  • von Dr. Anna Lembke
    13,00 €

  • von Gregor J. M. Weber & Pieter Roelofs
    49,00 €

    PUBLISHED TO ACCOMPANY THE ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EXHIBITION AT THE RIJKSMUSEUM, AMSTERDAM, THIS IS THE FIRST MAJOR STUDY ON VERMEER'S LIFE AND WORK FOR MANY YEARS. ---------- 'Proust was once so excited to see a Vermeer show that he collapsed ¿ I got chest pains merely leafing through the catalogue' Jonathan Jones, Guardian 'Invest in the fat catalogue, stuffed with scholarly discoveries and photographic closeups, and you will learn about everything from Vermeer¿s optical mastery to his moral symbolism' Rachel Campbell-Johnston, The Times 'Excellent' Artists & Illustrators ---------- Vermeer's intensely quiet and enigmatic paintings invite the viewer into a private world, often prompting more questions than answers. Who is being portrayed? Are his subjects real or imagined? And how did he create such an unrivalled sense of intimacy? Bringing together diverse strands of the Dutch master's professional and private worlds, this is the first major authoritative study of Vermeer's life and work for many years, throwing light on all thirty-seven of his paintings. The book was designed by Irma Boom, the `Queen of Books¿, and printed on an uncoated `Munken Print White¿ paper, specially commissioned to ensure the veracity of colours. Irma Boom says: `the matte paper brings you closer to Vermeer; there is no gloss or glare in between, just like with the real works.¿ With a wide selection of contextual illustrations, commentaries and up-to-date research by distinguished international Vermeer scholars, this is the definitive volume on the most admired of all seventeenth-century Dutch masters. With contributions by Bart Cornelis, National Gallery, London Bente Frissen, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Sabine Pénot, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Pieter Roelofs, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Friederike Schuett, Staedel Museum, Frankfurt am Main Christian Tico Seifert, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh Ariane van Suchtelen, Mauritshuis, The Hague Gregor J.M. Weber, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Marjorie E. Wieseman, National Gallery of Art, Washington

  • von Robert Greene
    11,00 €

    Suitable for those with an interest in conquest, self-defense, wealth, power or simply being an educated spectator, this book teaches you how to cheat, dissemble, feign, fight and advance your cause in the modern world.

  • - The hidden tribe, the ultra-runners, and the greatest race the world has never seen
    von Christopher Mcdougall
    11,00 €

    Focuses on the Tarahumara, a mysterious tribe of Mexican Indians, who live quietly in canyons and are reputed to be the best distance runners in the world. This title tells their story while asking what the secrets are to being an incredible runner.

  • von Potter Style
    15,00 €

    The Q&A a Day Journal shows you what was going through your head each day-for five years of your life. Simply turn to today's date, answer the question at the top of the page, and when you finish the journal, start over. As you return to the daily questions again over the years, you'll notice how your answers change, or don't! With questions that are sometimes provocative ("On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you?"), occasionally quirky ("What can you smell right now?"), and inevitably interesting ("If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?"), this classically designed journal-embellished with beautiful details-is the perfect gift for anyone embarking on a new phase of life.

  • - The Ultimate Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance
    von W Timothy Gallwey
    11,48 €

    Improve your game and discover your true potential by increasing your concentration, willpower and confidence. Described by Billie Jean King as her 'tennis bible', Timothy Gallwey's multi-million bestseller, including an introduction from acclaimed sports psychologist Geoff Beattie, has been a phenomenon for players of all abilities since it was first published in 1972. Instead of concentrating on how to improve your technique, it starts from the understanding that 'every game is composed of two parts, an outer game and an inner game'. The former is played against opponents on the court, but the latter is a battle within ourselves as we try and overcome self-doubt and anxiety. It is often won or lost before a ball has been hit. Gallwey's revolutionary approach, built on a foundation of Zen thinking and humanistic psychology, will teach you how to develop your concentration, work on your gamesmanship and help you break bad habits. You will also learn how to trust yourself on the court and how to maintain clarity of mind throughout the match, giving you a clear psychological advantage over your opponent. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, The Inner Game of Tennis is essential reading for overcoming the self-doubt, nervousness, and lapses of concentration that can keep a player from winning. It is guaranteed to change the way you play tennis forever.

  • - Key Pieces to Sew + Accessories, Styling, and Inspiration
    von Lotta Jansdotter
    24,00 €

    Lotta Jansdotter's Everyday Style is a pattern book/inspiration guide anchored by five easy, versatile sewing patterns--skirt, dress, blouse, pants/shorts, and jacket/coat--and highlighted with quick DIY accessories, including hats, bags, scarves and jewellry.

  • - Includes Verily, A New Hope; The Empire Striketh Back; The Jedi Doth Return; and an 8-by-34-inch full-color poster
    von Ian Doescher
    36,00 €

    A complete set of the New York Times best-selling series WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S STAR WARS with an exclusive added value poster

  • - Theory and Practice
    127,00 €

    V) An appendix with an LCA report template, a full example LCA report serving as inspiration for students who write their first LCA report, and a more detailed overview of existing LCIA methods and their similarities and differences.

  • - A Modern Makers Book of Amigurumi Crochet Patterns
    von Lauren Espy
    25,00 €

    Explore amigurumi these with 30 unique patterns. Whether a beginner or experienced, anyone can complete these cuddly creations.

  • - How to Find, Train, Feed, and Love your new Bulldog Puppy
    von David Anderson
    46,00 €

  • - The Definitive Guide to House Plants
    von Lauren Camilleri & Sophia Kaplan
    29,98 €

  • - For Couples- Staying In Or Going Out - Relationship Goals
    von Paige Cooper
    21,00 €

  • - Beautiful Patterns for Year-round Knitting
    von Laine
    19,00 €

    A beautiful book of knitting patterns for a pair of socks every day of the year

  • - The T-Shirts I Love
    von Haruki Murakami
    15,00 €

    The international literary icon opens his eclectic closet: Here are photographs of Murakami's extensive and personal T-shirt collection, accompanied by essays that reveal a side of the writer rarely seen by the public.

  • - The Book Has the Colors, You Draw the Lines!
    von Kendra Norton
    11,98 €

    Forget drawing inside the lines and unleash true creativity! This reverse coloring book is packed with colorful, watercolor-filled pages of inspiring shades and free-form shapes that beg to have lines drawn around them, inside them, throughout them. Sophisticated or silly, patterns or pictures - how you fill in the page is up to your creative mind!

  • von Odd Dot
    20,98 €

    Luxuriate in the pages of THE ANTIQUARIAN STICKER BOOK: BIBLIOPHILIA, a compendium of over 1,000 gorgeous stickers for lovers of the sensational series and new fans alike.The highly anticipated sequel to the most beautiful sticker book ever created has arrived with even more stunning sticker ephemera! Create a collage or adorn your junk journal with evocative imagery, letter forms, or literary quotes to add another dimension to your project.Peel and decorate or browse and feast on the beauty of this lush sticker book unlike any other. A treasure trove of authentic historical prints from the ornate Victorian era can live on its own, be used on stationery and wrapping, or create an amazing collage.Featuring beautiful, odd, and inspiring stickers from the past for the modern-day crafter, scrapbooker, art and book lover, or for anyone who just loves stickers, The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Bibliophilia has something for everyone.

  • - Awesome Colour Combinations and Designs for Fun and Fabulous Crochet Blocks
    von Leonie Morgan & Celine Semaan
    15,00 €

    A collection of 40 fun and creative designs for easy and colourful crochet blocks.

  • - The Nordic Way Towards a Healthier and Happier Life
    von Susanna Soberg
    23,00 €

    A beautifully illustrated exploration of cold-water traditions in Scandinavia and around the world, and a thorough account of why it provides such a boost to body and soul.

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