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    125,00 €

    The Helmut Newton SUMO was a titanic book that towered above anything previously attempted. Twenty years later, we celebrate the legacy of this publishing venture in an XL edition, the result of a project conceived by Helmut Newton and revised by his wife June. Gathering 464 images and a new booklet that takes us through the making of the SUMO,...

  • von Jens Muller
    60,00 €

    Examine the distillation of modernism in graphic design with this vast collection of approximately 6,000 logos from 1940-1980. Ranging from media outfits to retail giants, airlines to art galleries, these clean, clear visual concepts may be seen as the visual birth of corporate identity.

  • von Rainer Metzger
    20,00 - 50,00 €

    Meet Vincent van Gogh, the tortured genius of 19th-century art. This lush tome collects all his 871 paintings, alongside writings and essays, charting the life and work which continues to tower over art to this day. From Sunflowers, The Starry Night, to Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear: celebrate an artist uniquely dexterous in the...

  • von Michael Ochs
    20,00 €

    Vinyl's back in style and in this selection of 1000 of the most iconic record sleeves from the 60s to 90s, we recall why it's the biggest and best music format ever. Iconic artwork, memorable cover-sleeves, and long-lost classics all jostle for space in this virtual shelf of music history.

  • von Casey McQuiston
    11,00 - 15,00 €

    From the bestselling author of Red, White and Royal Blue and One Last Stop comes a debut YA romantic comedy about chasing down what you want, only to find what you need . . .Chloe Green is so close to winning. After her moms moved her from SoCal to Alabama for high school, she's spent the past four years dodging gossipy, classmates and a puritanical administration at Willowgrove Christian Academy. The thing that's kept her going: winning valedictorian. Her only rival: prom queen Shara Wheeler, the principal's perfect daughter.But a month before graduation, Shara kisses Chloe and vanishes.On a furious hunt for answers, Chloe discovers she's not the only one Shara kissed. There's also Smith, Shara's longtime quarterback sweetheart, and Rory, Shara's bad boy neighbour with a crush. The three have nothing in common except Shara and the annoyingly cryptic notes she left behind, but together they must untangle Shara's trail of clues and find her. It'll be worth it, if Chloe can drag Shara back before graduation to beat her fair-and-square.Thrown into an unlikely alliance, chasing a ghost through parties, break-ins, puzzles, and secrets revealed on monogrammed stationery, Chloe starts to suspect there might be more to this small town than she thought. And maybe - probably not, but maybe - more to Shara, too.Fierce, funny and frank, Casey McQuiston's I Kissed Shara Wheeler is about breaking the rules, getting messy and finding love in unexpected places.

  • von David Batterham
    20,00 - 60,00 €

    Teeming with tapestries, manuscript illuminations, carpets, and tiles, this far-reaching compendium brings together the two greatest 19th-century catalogues of ornament into one indispensable reference book. Encompassing designs from medieval times through to the 19th century, in styles as diverse as Egyptian, Etruscan, or Middle Eastern, this...

  • von Charlotte & Peter Fiell
    20,00 €

    You'll find 1000 bright ideas in this journey through 20th-century lighting design. Presented chronologically by decade, you'll find the most interesting electric lights, from Tiffany's beautiful leaded-glass shades to outlandish 1960s designs and the latest high-tech LED lamps.

  • von Natalie Haynes
    12,00 - 15,00 €

  • von Jessica Hundley
    30,00 €

    Der vierte Band der Bibliothek der Esoterik erforscht die Geschichte der Pflanzen in Mythen und magischen Praktiken. Essays, Interviews und mehr als 400 Abbildungen - von ägyptischen Reliefs über viktorianische Pflanzendarstellungen bis zu zeitgenössischen Werken - dokumentieren die symbiotische Beziehung zwischen Pflanzen und Menschen. Über die Reihe Die Bibliothek der Esoterik zeigt, wie in der Kunst über die Jahrhunderte hinweg mystische und obskure Inhalte ihren Ausdruck in zeitlosen, visionären Bilder fanden. Von Privatsammlungen, Bibliotheken und Museen aus aller Welt zur Verfügung gestellt, werden für jedes Thema ausgesuchte moderne und zeitgenössische Werke mit historischen Darstellungen konfrontiert. Kurze, aber sorgfältig recherchierte Texte vermitteln den Kontext und andere relevante Informationen. Das Ergebnis ist eine umfassende Erforschung der Bilderwelten, die Menschen schufen, um Träumen und Albträumen auf die Spur zu kommen und sich selbst in Beziehung zum Göttlichen zu setzen.

  • - How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too
    von Gary Vaynerchuk
    15,98 €

    Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk offers new lessons and inspiration drawn from the experiences of dozens of influencers and entrepreneurs who rejected the predictable corporate path in favor of pursuing their dreams by building thriving businesses and extraordinary personal brands.In his 2009 international bestseller Crush It, Gary insisted that a vibrant personal brand was crucial to entrepreneurial success, In Crushing It!, Gary explains why thats even more true today, offering his unique perspective on what has changed and what principles remain timeless. He also shares stories from other entrepreneurs who have grown wealthierand not just financiallythan they ever imagined possible by following Crush It principles. The secret to their success (and Garys) has everything to do with their understanding of the social media platforms, and their willingness to do whatever it took to make these tools work to their utmost potential. Thats what Crushing It! teaches readers to do.In this lively, practical, and inspiring book, Gary dissects every current major social media platform so that anyone, from a plumber to a professional ice skater, will know exactly how to amplify his or her personal brand on each. He offers both theoretical and tactical advice on how to become the biggest thing on old standbys like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat; podcast platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, and iTunes; and other emerging platforms such as For those with more experience, Crushing It! illuminates some little-known nuances and provides innovative tips and clever tweaks proven to enhance more common tried-and-true strategies.Crushing It! is a state-of-the-art guide to building your own path to professional and financial success, but its not about getting rich. Its a blueprint to living life on your own terms.

  • von David Walliams
    12,00 €

    From Number One bestselling author David Walliams comes a hilarious and heartwarming picture book, brilliantly illustrated by the artistic genius, Tony Ross.

  • von Unknown
    50,00 €

    The most comprehensive photographic study of an extraordinary city, Berlin, Portrait of a City offers some 560 pages of aerial views, street scenes, portraits, and more to trace the city from the Roaring Twenties to the ruins of war to its rebirth as political and cultural capital. Quotes from famed Berlin icons and connoisseurs, from Marlene...

  • von H R Giger
    15,00 €

    Discover HR Giger's inimitable universe in this definition introduction to the master that gave expression to the collective horrors and fantasies of our time. From his childhood fears to Alien, Giger personally guides us through his multifaceted career with intimate autobiographical essays, detailed reproductions and designs, and a foreword by...

  • von Ashlee Vance
    14,98 - 15,98 €

  • von Sven Kirsten
    20,00 €

    Dive into one of the most colorful pop culture phenomena of mid-century America. In this handy edition gathering hundreds of images and ephemera, urban archaeologist Sven Kirsten takes us on a journey through Tiki history, from the first Pacific island exploration to Hollywood jungle fantasies and elaborate temples built to celebrate Tiki as...

  • von Peter Singer
    15,00 €

  • von Tess Gunty
    12,00 €

  • von Rachel Joyce
    10,00 - 14,00 €

  • - How Motorsport Science can Save the World
    von Kit Chapman
    12,00 - 15,00 €

  • von S. A. Cosby
    15,00 €

  • von GOURMAND
    40,00 €

    As Dali's muse, Hitchcock's nightmare, and humble ingredient, the eternal egg weaves a fascinating tale back to antiquity. The first volume in TASCHEN's series with The Gourmand, sumptuously illustrated with exclusive photography and historic artworks, celebrates the link between food and art through original recipes and stories.

  • von Sarahjane Blum & Louis Meisel
    60,00 €

    One big slice of cheesecake, brought to you by Dian Hanson. This extra-large, extra-lush compendium gathers nearly 100 pin-up artists, with showcase chapters for the top 10, including Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas. Each chapter opens with a tipped-in reproduction of an original calendar or magazine cover and boasts original model photos as...

    25,00 €

    The most comprehensive overview of Christo and Jeanne-Claude to date, now available in a compact edition. Hundreds of photographs and original works trace their unparalleled oeuvre and offer a glimpse at works in progress like The Mastaba, Project for the United Arab Emirates and L'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, Project for Paris.

    12,00 - 15,00 €

    40,00 €

    Travel the length and breadth of Africa with this updated guide to the continent's most beautiful hotels. With a refined eye for the X-factor in accommodation, Angelika Taschen takes us to hidden gems across the continent, profiling each getaway through extensive photography and key information. A treasure trove of inspiration for your next...

  • von Philip Jodidio
    60,00 €

    This fresh overview of Tadao Ando's oeuvre spans the breadth of his career, from his beginnings in 1975 to today. Based on the massive XXL edition, this accessible volume sheds light on the Modernist master through photographs and architectural drawings, and includes such new projects as the Shanghai Poly Theater and the Clark Center at the...

  • von Raymond Merritt
    20,00 €

    With more than 400 canine portraits, this book is both a picture tribute to our favorite four-legged friend and a unique history of dogs in photography. From the 19th century right through to today, we see how the camera has been the key witness to our timeless affection for dogs, capturing their beauty, character, joy, and abiding friendship.

  • von Gabriella Engelmann
    8,00 €

    Liebes-Frust und Frankreich-LustEigentlich ist Caro Expertin in Sachen Liebe, denn mit ihren gefühlvollen Romanen stürmt sie regelmäßig die Bestsellerliste. Doch als sie von ihrem Freund verlassen wird, muss sie sich selbst den unschönen Nebenwirkungen eines gebrochenen Herzens stellen: von Frust-Kilos bis zur Schreibblockade! Aber kapitulieren geht nicht, da die Abgabe für den neuen Liebesroman bedrohlich näher rückt. Daher muss ein Urlaub für neue kreative Energie sorgen. In der Provence wartet aber auch ein attraktiver Unbekannter auf sie ... Gabriella Engelmann wurde in München geboren. Seit ihrem Umzug nach Hamburg fühlt sie sich im Norden pudelwohl und entdeckte dort auch ihre Freude am Schreiben. Nach Tätigkeiten als Buchhändlerin, Lektorin und Verlagsleiterin genießt sie die Freiheit des Autorendaseins von Romanen sowie Kinder - und Jugendbüchern.

  • von Peter Mertz
    14,90 - 16,90 €

  • von Bernhard Pollmann, Tobias Kostial & Andrea Kostial
    16,90 €

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