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  • - 7 Decisions That Will Change Your Life
    von Craig Groeschel
    25,00 €

    Master the decisions that will make your life everything God wants it to be.Every day we make choices. And those choices accumulate and eventually become our life story. What would your life look like if you became an expert at making those choices?In this inspiring guidebook, New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel shows how the choices that are in your power, if aligned with biblical principles, will lead to a life you've never imagined.Divine Direction will help you seek wisdom through seven principles. You'll consider one thing to stop that's hindering you; how to start a new habit to re-direct your path; where you should stay committed; and when you should go even if it's easier to stay. The book also includes criteria that will help you feel confident in the right choice, and encourages you with principles for trusting God with your decisions. What story do you want to tell about yourself? God is dedicated to the wonderful plan he's laid out for you. The achievable and powerful steps in Divine Direction take you there one step at a time, big, or small.

  • von George Orwell
    9,98 €

    Homage to Catalonia is George Orwell's account of the Spanish Civil War. It was the last and most mature of Orwell's documentary books.

  • von J. R. R. Tolkien
    42,00 - 98,00 €

    Designed to take fans of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings deeper into the myths and legends of Middle-earth The Silmarillion is an account of the Elder Days, of the First Age of Tolkien's world. It is the ancient drama to which the characters in The Lord of the Rings look back, and in whose events some of them such as Elrond and Galadriel took part. The tales of The Silmarillion are set in an age when Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, dwelt in Middle-Earth, and the High Elves made war upon him for the recovery of the Silmarils, the jewels containing the pure light of Valinor. Included in the book are several shorter works. The Ainulindale is a myth of the Creation and in the Valaquenta the nature and powers of each of the gods is described. The Akallabeth recounts the downfall of the great island kingdom of Numenor at the end of the Second Age and Of the Rings of Power tells of the great events at the end of the Third Age, as narrated in The Lord of the Rings. This pivotal work features the revised, corrected text and includes, by way of an introduction, a fascinating letter written by Tolkien in 1951 in which he gives a full explanation of how he conceived the early Ages of Middle-earth.

  • - 1613-1918
    von Simon Sebag Montefiore
    13,58 €

    The epic new history from the bestselling author of JERUSALEM - the intimate story of Russia's imperial dynasty

  • - A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis
    von J. D. Vance
    13,00 €

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER "e;A riveting book."e;The Wall Street Journal"e;Essential reading."e;David Brooks,New York TimesFrom a former marine and Yale Law School graduate, a powerfulaccount of growing up in a poor Rust Belt town that offers a broader,probing look at the struggles of Americas white working classHillbilly Elegyis a passionate and personal analysis of a culture in crisisthat of white working-class Americans. The decline of this group, a demographic of our country that has been slowly disintegrating over forty years, has been reported on with growing frequency and alarm, but has never before been written about as searingly from the inside. J. D. Vance tells the true story of what a social, regional, and class decline feels like when you were born with it hung around your neck.The Vance family story begins hopefully in postwar America. J. D.s grandparents were dirt poor and in love, and moved north from Kentuckys Appalachia region to Ohio in the hopes of escaping the dreadful poverty around them. They raised a middle-class family, and eventually their grandchild (the author) would graduate from Yale Law School, a conventional marker of their success in achieving generational upward mobility.But as the family saga ofHillbilly Elegyplays out, we learn that this is only the short, superficial version. Vances grandparents, aunt, uncle, sister, and, most of all, his mother, struggled profoundly with the demands of their new middle-class life, and were never able to fully escape the legacy of abuse, alcoholism, poverty, and trauma so characteristic of their part of America. Vance piercingly shows how he himself still carries around the demons of their chaotic family history.A deeply moving memoir with its share of humor and vividly colorful figures,Hillbilly Elegyis the story of how upward mobility really feels. And it is an urgent and troubling meditation on the loss of the American dream for a large segment of this country.

  • - Memoirs of Gender and Identity
    22,98 €

    In this groundbreaking book, thirty authors highlight how our experiences are shaped by a deeply entrenched gender binary. Nuanced storytellers break away from mainstream portrayals of gender diversity, cutting across lines of age, race, ethnicity, ability, class, religion, family, and relationships.

  • - The LGBTQIA+ Dictionary of Lingo and Colloquial Expressions
    von Chloe O. Davis
    16,98 €

    A landmark reference guide to the LGBTQIA+ community's contributions to the English language-an intersectional, inclusive illustrated glossary featuring more than 800 terms created by and for queer culture. With a foreword from Paula Akpan Do you know where "yaaaas queen!"

  • von Frederico Campagna
    10,00 €

    Was, wenn die primären Erfindungen der Menschheit nicht der Speer des Helden, sondern ein Korb mit wildem Hafer, ein Medizinbündel, eine Geschichte waren? In The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction (1986) entwirft Ursula K. Le Guin eine feministische Technologie­geschichte, die den kollektiven Lebensunter­halt ins Zentrum rückt und in den Tragebehält­nissen der Sammler*innen Werkzeuge für das Erzählen seltsam realistischer Fiktionen erkennt. Neue Texte und Bilder antworten auf Le Guins erzählerische Praxis des world-making durch Sammeln und Festhalten. --What if humanity's primary inven­tions were not the Hero's spear but rather a basket of wild oats, a medicine bundle, a story. Ursula K. Le Guin's 1986 essay The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction presents a feminist story of technology that centres on the collective sustenance of life, and reimagines the carrier bag as a tool for telling strangely realistic fictions. New writings and images respond to Le Guin's narrative practice of world­making through gathering and holding.

  • von Silvia Federici
    12,00 €

    'A groundbreaking work . . . Federici has become a crucial figure for . . . a new generation of feminists' Rachel Kushner, author of The Mars RoomA cult classic since its publication in the early years of this century, Caliban and the Witch is Silvia Federici's history of the body in the transition to capitalism. Moving from the peasant revolts of the late Middle Ages through the European witch-hunts, the rise of scientific rationalism and the colonisation of the Americas, it gives a panoramic account of the often horrific violence with which the unruly human material of pre-capitalist societies was transformed into a set of predictable and controllable mechanisms. It Is a study of indigenous traditions crushed, of the enclosure of women's reproductive powers within the nuclear family, and of how our modern world was forged in blood.'Rewarding . . . allows us to better understand the intimate relationship between modern patriarchy, the rise of the nation state and the transition from feudalism to capitalism' Guardian

  • von Jon Wright
    31,25 €

    Informationen zum Titel:Mit klarer Struktur, einem konsequent umgesetzten Doppelseitenkonzept und lebendiger Aufmachung präsentiert Key vielfältiges Material für den zeitgemäßen Unterricht in der Erwachsenenbildung.Klare und verlässliche Struktur: Jede Doppelseite ist für ca. 90 Minuten konzipiert.Homestudy:Konsolidierung und Übungsangebot als fester Bestandteil jeder Unit.Key Journals erweitern und vertiefen den Spracherwerb im Unterricht oder zu Hause und sind eine wertvolle zusätzliche Ressource im Unterricht.Authentische Materialien: idiomatische und alltagsnahe Sprache von Beginn an.Informationen zur Reihenausgabe:Key passtDer Schlüssel zur englischen Sprache: Das speziell für den Unterricht an VHS und Sprachenschulen entwickelte Lehrwerk liefert flexible und abwechslungsreiche Übungen für Lernende aller Altersstufen.Mit klarer Struktur, einem konsequent umgesetzten Doppelseitenkonzept und lebendiger Aufmachung präsentiert Key vielfältiges Material für den zeitgemäßen Unterricht in der Erwachsenenbildung.Klare und verlässliche Struktur: Jede Doppelseite ist für ca. 90 Minuten konzipiert.Homestudy:Konsolidierung und Übungsangebot als fester Bestandteil jeder Unit.Key Journals erweitern und vertiefen den Spracherwerb im Unterricht oder zu Hause und sind eine wertvolle zusätzliche Ressource im Unterricht.Authentische Materialien: idiomatische und alltagsnahe Sprache von Beginn an.Pocket Teaching Guide:für die schnelle und effektive Vorbereitung auf den Unterricht.Key ist kompaktDie Bände A1, A2 und B1 sind in je drei Blöcke à vier Units unterteilt. Mit etwa 24 Unterrichtstunden pro Block (72 für den gesamten Band) lässt sich das Kursmaterial leicht auf drei Semester aufteilen.Die Bände B2/1, B2/2 und C1 enthalten jeweils acht Units mit zwei Doppelseiten für 2 x 90 Minuten Unterrichtszeit. Das ist Material für jeweils 24 bis 30 Unterrichtsstunden (bei 60 Minuten pro Unterrichtsstunde).Key ist kommunikativDie Bände B2/1, B2/2 und C1 sind ideal für den flexiblen Einsatz in unterschiedlichen Kursarten. Sie eignen sich besonders für Konversation, Festigung und Vertiefung der Sprachkenntnisse auf den höheren Niveaustufen.Key Starter A1 hilft Langsame Lerner/-innen ohne Vorkenntnisse erarbeiten mit Key Starter kleinschrittig erste Grundlagen des Englischen - in sechs Units für 24 Unterrichtsstunden.Key ist komplettKey kommt komplett mit allen Medien, die Sie für den Unterricht benötigen.Das Paket für Lerner/-innen umfasstKursbuch,Phrasebook(A1, A2 und B1) mit dem Wortschatz der Units,Audio-CDs.Das Paket für Kursleiter/-innen enthält zusätzlich:Pocket Teaching Guideim praktischen Mini-Format (A5)Kopiervorlagen (in der Falttasche im Kursbuch)Key ist online Kostenlose Einstufungstests (bis B2) und Arbeitsblätter (bis B1)Interaktive Übungen für Lernende (bis B1)

  • - The Sunday Times Bestseller
    von Amia Srinivasan
    12,00 €

  • von Emily Ratajkowski
    11,48 €

    A deeply honest investigation of what it means to be a woman and a commodity from Emily Ratajkowski, the archetypal, multi-hyphenate celebrity of our time.

  • von Michelle Zauner
    11,00 €

    From the indie rockstar of Japanese Breakfast fame, and author of the viral 2018 &i>New Yorker&/i> essay that shares the title of this book, an unflinching, powerful memoir about growing up Korean-American, losing her mother, and forging her own identity.

  • - The Science of Fermentation and the Art of Living Foods
    von James Read
    19,98 €

    Of Cabbages and Kimchi, a captivating novel by James Read, is a must-read for all book enthusiasts. Published recently in 2023 by Penguin Books Ltd, this book offers a unique blend of storytelling that is hard to come by in today's literary world. The genre of the book is a well-kept secret, adding to the allure and mystery surrounding it. James Read, with his masterful writing, transports the readers into a world of cabbages and kimchi, making them live the characters' lives and feel their emotions. This book is a testament to James Read's ability to craft stories that resonate with readers on a deep level. Published by Penguin Books Ltd, a renowned publishing house, readers can expect a high-quality book that meets international standards. The book is written in English, making it accessible to a wide range of readers. Don't miss out on this mesmerizing tale of cabbages and kimchi.

  • von Jessica Fern
    16,68 €

    Polysecure is a compelling book penned by the talented Jessica Fern. Published in 2022 by Scribe Publications, this book is a must-read for all book lovers. With the genre yet to be disclosed, one thing is for sure, Jessica Fern's eloquent writing style will captivate you from the first page. The book 'Polysecure' is a testament to Fern's prowess as an author, and the publication year of 2022 only adds to its freshness and relevance. The book is brought to you by Scribe Publications, a publisher renowned for their selection of thought-provoking and engaging titles. Written in English, 'Polysecure' is a book that promises an unforgettable literary journey.

  • von Madeline Miller
    12,00 - 18,98 €

    A breathtakingly original rendering of the Trojan War - a devastating love story and a tale of gods and kings, immortal fame and the human heart

  • von Dr. Anna Lembke
    13,00 €

  • von Prince Harry
    22,98 €

    It was one of the most searing images of the twentieth century: two young boys, two princes, walking behind their mother's coffin as the world watched in sorrow and horror. As Diana, Princess of Wales, was laid to rest, billions wondered what the princes must be thinking and feeling, and how their lives would play out from that point on. For Harry, this is that story at last. With its raw, unflinching honesty, Prince Harry shares a landmark publication full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief.-- From jacket flap.

    25,00 €

    Intended for those who are unable to recite the holy Qur'an Arabic text, this title presents transliteration with Arabic text and English translation.

  • von Edward W. Said
    18,98 €

    This original and deeply provocative book was the first to make Palestine the subject of a serious debate--one that remains as critical as ever. With the rigorous scholarship he brought to his influential Orientalism and an exile's passion (he is Palestinian by birth), Edward W. Said traces the fatal collision between two peoples in the Middle East and its repercussions in the lives of both the occupier and the occupied--as well as in the conscience of the West. He has updated this landmark work to portray the changed status of Palestine and its people in light of such developments as the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the intifada, the Gulf War, and the ongoing MIddle East peace initiative. For anyone interested in this region and its future, The Question of Palestine remains the most useful and authoritative account available.

  • von Robert Greene
    17,78 €

  • von Dolly Alderton
    13,00 €

  • von Sun Tzu
    14,00 €

  • von B. Dylan Hollis
    21,00 €

    Baking Yesteryear is a delightful culinary journey penned by the talented B. Dylan Hollis. Published in 2023 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd., this book is a must-have for all baking enthusiasts. The book takes the reader back in time, exploring the traditional baking methods of yesteryears. B. Dylan Hollis, a renowned author in the genre of cookbooks, beautifully intertwines history and baking, providing a unique perspective on the evolution of baking techniques. The recipes in the book are not just a set of instructions, but a story told through the author's engaging writing style. Baking Yesteryear is more than just a cookbook; it's a celebration of the art of baking. Published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd., known for their high-quality publications, this book is a valuable addition to any kitchen library.

  • von Michael Connelly
    16,98 €

  • von Max Miller
    22,00 €

    Dive into the fascinating world of gastronomy with 'Tasting History' by Max Miller. Published in 2023 by Simon + Schuster Inc., this book is a must-read for every food enthusiast. This book is not just about recipes; it's a journey through time that explores the culinary history of different eras and cultures. Miller, known for his insightful storytelling, takes you on a unique journey, bridging the gap between past and present through food. The book, written in English, is a blend of history and cooking, making it a unique addition to your bookshelf. So, get ready to embark on a historical culinary journey with Max Miller's 'Tasting History'.

  • von J.R.R. Tolkien
    23,00 - 64,00 €

  • - Holy Bible, King James Version
    von Thomas Nelson
    28,00 €

    The 'KJV Holy Bible, Personal Size Giant Print Reference Bible, Burgundy Bonded Leather, 43,000 Cross References, Red Letter, Comfort Print: King James Version' is an extraordinary edition by the reputable author, Thomas Nelson. Published in 2017, this book is a must-have for all those who appreciate the beauty and depth of religious literature. As a personal size edition, the book is convenient to carry around. Its giant print makes it easy to read, and the burgundy bonded leather cover adds a touch of elegance. The unique feature of this Bible is its 43,000 cross-references, making it an invaluable resource for in-depth study. Additionally, it includes red letter comfort print, enhancing the reading experience. This book, a product of Thomas Nelson Publishers, is a testament to their commitment to producing high-quality religious texts. This book is written in English.

  • von David L. Bradford & Carole Robin
    13,00 €

  • - My Year Disguised as a Man
    von Norah Vincent
    12,00 €

    Self-Made Man is a captivating book written by the talented Norah Vincent. Published by Atlantic Books in 2006, this book offers a unique perspective that keeps readers engaged from start to finish. This book falls under the genre of non-fiction and gives an insightful look into the author's experience of living disguised as a man for 18 months. Vincent's daring social experiment explores gender identity, societal expectations, and the nuances of masculine privilege. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of gender roles in our society. Atlantic Books is proud to have this enlightening and thought-provoking piece in its collection.

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