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eBooks: Essen und Trinken

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Essen und Trinken
  • von Desiree Becquet
    22,00 €

  • von Desiree Becquet
    20,00 €

  • - Critical Tips and Hints on How to Eat Healthy and Prevent Inflammation (Large): Food Rules for the Anti-Inflammation D
    von Robert Wilson
    18,00 €

    Lots of individuals suffer from inflammation, especially those individuals that have arthritis or some other disease that affects mobility. Of course there are numerous medications that can help to alleviate the pain but many persons are trying to find natural solutions to the problem. One of the most natural solutions for the problem is to modify the diet and eat foods that will help to reduce the levels of inflammation in the body. The text "e; Anti-Inflammation Diet: Critical Tips and Hints on How to Eat Healthy and Prevent Inflammation "e; helps the reader to learn what inflammation is, what causes it and to learn what the foods are that are best suited for this diet. The book also highlights the foods and other things that are to be avoided. It is a great text for the home. The recipes that are found toward the end of the book are great and will satiate any palate. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chap 1. What Is the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and What Damage Does It Cause?........ 5 Chap 2. What Are the Symptoms of Food Allergies and the Anti-Inflammation Disease? ..... 10 Chap 3. Why Is an Anti-Inflammation Diet Important? .......... 14 Chap 4. Useful Ingredients and Kitchen Utensils To Have When Preparing Anti-Inflammation Diet Recipes ........ 18 Kitchen Gadgets....... 18 Basic Foods .......... 19 Chap 5. Some Sample Menus or Meal Plans for Anti-Inflammation Diet ...... 22 Chap 6. 8 Anti-Inflammation Diet Appetizer Recipes ....... 28 Chap 7. 8 Anti-Inflammation Diet Lunch Recipes ...... 34 Chap 8. 8 Anti-Inflammation Diet Dinner Recipes ....... 41

  • von Aroona Reejsinghani
    31,00 €

    Curries remain an Indian speciality--and certainly have a lot of contribution in making Indian food popular all over the world! This superb collection brings you exotic recipes with a special flavour! Even your good old Aloo Matar would taste a lot better if prepared with directions given here! Or why not try someting totally new? Some Glimpses: *Chicken Curry *Rogan Josh *Fried Pomfret *Fish Curry *Mince-ball Curry *Goan Liver Curry *Mattar Paneer *Aloo Matar In addition also find here a long list of highly tempting curries not tried by you before. Also included is a glossary of food and Cookery terms and medicinal properties of vegetables.

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