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  • von Richard Siken
    20,00 €

    Announcing the 2004 winner of the Yale Younger Poets competition, North America's oldest annual literary prize.

  • von Geraldine McCaughrean
    15,00 - 20,00 €

    THE ODYSSEY retold by Geraldine McCaughrean is the epic journey of Odysseus, the hero of Ancient Greece...After ten years of war, Odysseus turns his back on Troy and sets sail for home. But his voyage takes another ten years and he must face many dangers - Polyphemus the greedy one-eyed giant, Scylla the six-headed sea monster and even the wrath of the gods themselves - before he is reunited with his wife and son.The Puffin Classics relaunch includes:A Little PrincessAlice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice's Adventures Through the Looking GlassAnne of Green GablesBlack BeautyHans Andersen's Fairy TalesHeidiJourney to the Centre of the EarthLittle WomenPeter PanTales of the Greek HeroesThe Adventures of Huckleberry FinnThe Adventures of King ArthurThe Adventures of Tom SawyerThe Call of the WildThe Jungle BookThe OdysseyThe Secret GardenThe Wind in the WillowsThe Wizard of OzTreasure Island

  • von Michaela Angemeer
    21,00 €

  • von Allie Esiri
    27,00 €

    365 Poems for Life is an uplifting poem-a-day collection to nourish your mind and soothe your soul from curator Allie Esiri, featuring work by incredible classic and contemporary poets.

  • von Rupi Kaur
    12,58 €

    From the Number One SundayTimes bestselling author of milk and honey and the sun and her flowers comes her greatly anticipated third collection of poetry.

  • - The Greek Myths Retold
    von Stephen Fry
    13,00 - 31,00 €

  • von Rupi Kaur
    15,00 - 15,98 €

    The New York Times bestselling poetry book. The book is divided into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose; deals with a different pain; heals a different heartache. milk and honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere ifyou are just willing to look. Through her poetry and illustrations, Rupi Kaur engages with love, loss, trauma, healing, and femininity.

  • von Sumaya Amiri
    24,00 €

    Dive into the compelling narrative of 'A Muslim Woman's Diary' by the talented author, Sumaya Amiri. Published in 2021, this book offers a captivating exploration of a genre that intertwines personal experiences with broader societal observations. Amiri's skillful storytelling and unique perspective make this book a standout in contemporary literature. The book is a testament to Amiri's talent, capturing the essence of her experiences as a Muslim woman in a way that is both deeply personal and universally relatable. Published by DBC, 'A Muslim Woman's Diary' is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the world through different lenses. Don't miss out on this enlightening literary journey.

  • - The myths of the Ancient Greek heroes retold
    von Stephen Fry
    13,00 - 20,00 €

  • von Rupi Kaur
    14,98 - 17,00 €

    The stunning new poetry collection from Rupi Kaur, worldwide bestselling author of milk and honey.

  • von Lana Del Rey
    16,48 €

    The first book of poetry from singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey

  • von Courtney Peppernell
    15,00 €

    Make a cup of tea and let yourself feel.

  • von Stephen Fry
    12,98 - 32,00 €

  • von yung pueblo
    14,98 €

    Inward, a masterpiece penned by Yung Pueblo, is a book that has captivated the hearts of many since its publication in 2018. Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, this book is a testament to Pueblo's profound understanding of the human soul and its complexities. The book falls under the genre of self-help, but it is so much more than that. It is a journey inward, a journey of self-discovery and introspection. Pueblo's writing style is simple yet profound, making the book an easy read for all. Inward is a book that compels its readers to look within themselves, to understand their emotions, and to cultivate self-love. It is a book that stays with you long after you have turned the last page. Don't miss out on this soul-stirring read from Andrews McMeel Publishing.

  • von John Steinbeck
    10,00 - 11,00 €

    Drifters in search of work, George and his childlike friend Lennie, have nothing in the world except the clothes on their back - and a dream that one day they will have some land of their own. Eventually they find work on a ranch in California's Salinas Valley, but their hopes are dashed as Lennie - struggling against extreme cruelty, misunderstanding and feelings of jealousy - becomes a victim of his own strength. Tackling universal themes of friendship and shared vision, and giving a voice to America's lonely and dispossessed, Of Mice and Men remains Steinbeck's most popular work, achieving success as a novel, Broadway play and three acclaimed films.

  • - Early Songs and Drawings
    23,00 €

    Originally handcrafted in 1971 as a gift for friends, this edition of Joni Mitchell's best-loved poems, illustrations, watercolours and hand-lettered song lyrics is now publicly available for the first time. The perfect Christmas present for any Joni Mitchell fan

  • von Michaela Angemeer
    12,00 €

    TikTok creator Michaela Angemeer explores connecting with your inner child, loving the worst parts of yourself, coming out as bisexual, and focusing on self-growth in her much-anticipated poetry collection.

  • von Louise Gluck
    13,00 €

    The poems in this collection are written in the language of flowers. Louise Gluck received the Pulitzer Prize for "The Wild Iris" in 1993, and has also received the National Book Critics Award for Poetry and the Poetry Society of America's Melville Kane Award.

  • von yung pueblo
    15,00 €

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom the celebrated author of Inward comes a new collection of poetry and short prose focused on understanding how past wounds impact our present relationships.

  • von Homer
    15,00 - 22,00 €

    'The first great book, and the first great book about the suffering and loss of war' GuardianOne of the foremost achievements in Western literature, Homer's Iliad tells the story of the darkest episode in the Trojan War. At its centre is Achilles, the greatest warrior-champion of the Greeks, who refuses to fight after being humiliated by his leader Agamemnon. But when the Trojan Hector kills Achilles' close friend Patroclus, he storms back into battle to take revenge - knowing this will ensure his own early death. E. V. Rieu's acclaimed translation of The Iliad was one of the first titles published in Penguin Classics, and now has classic status itself.Originally translated by E. V. RIEU Revised and updated by PETER JONES with D. C. H. RIEU Edited with an Introduction and notes by PETER JONES

  • von Michaela Angemeer
    20,00 €

  • von Leonard Cohen
    11,48 €

    Book of Longing is Leonard Cohen's first book of new poetry since Book of Mercy was published two decades ago. It collects Cohen's poetry written between the 1980s and the present, and also includes his wonderfully witty and sensuous illustrations, including numerous playful self-portraits. The illustrations interact with, and complement, the poetry in unexpected and fascinating ways. Book of Longing demonstrates the range and depth of Cohen's work, revealing an extraordinary gift of language and visual art that speak with rare clarity, passion and timelessness.

  • von Anne Carson
    20,98 €

    * The definitive and ONLY complete translation of Sappho, by one of the world's greatest living poets

  • - Healing the Heart
    von Courtney Peppernell
    13,98 €

    Following the smash success of Pillow Thoughts, Courtney Peppernell now returns with Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart.

  • von Tupac Shakur
    10,00 €

    The Rose that Grew from Concrete is a profound and moving anthology by Tupac Shakur. Published by Simon & Schuster in 2006, the book delves into the heart and soul of one of the most influential figures in the world of music. This collection of poetry showcases Shakur's talent as a writer, offering a glimpse into his vivid perceptions and his lyrical style. The book is a testament to his ability to express complex emotions and ideas in a simple, yet powerful manner. The Rose that Grew from Concrete is a captivating read, revealing the raw, unfiltered voice of Tupac Shakur. The book is an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in exploring the depth of Shakur's artistic genius.

  • von Charles Bukowski
    14,00 €

    Charles Bukowski examines cats and his childhood in You Get So Alone at Times, a book of poetry that reveals his tender side. He delves into his youth to analyze its repercussions.

  • von Lili Reinhart
    12,68 €

    I seem to be your new favorite novel. One that keeps you up at night, turning my pages. Fingers lingering on me so you don't lose your place.

  • - Translated by Nader Khalili
    von Rumi
    13,89 €

    The Love Poems of Rumi is a beautiful and elegantly illustrated gift book of Rumi's poems translated by Nader Khalili, geared for readers searching for inspirational themes and messages about love.

  • von Ocean Vuong
    12,00 €

    A book of poetry steeped in war and cultural upheaval and wielding a fresh new language. It is about the most profound subjects - love and loss, conflict, grief, memory and desire - and attends to them all with lines that feel newly-minted, graceful in their cadences, passionate and hungry in their tender, close attention.

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