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  • von George B. Bridgman
    11,89 €

    Reference shows important parts of the human body, both in motion and in repose: hand, wrist, fingers, forearm, neck, thigh, leg, and more. "Best book on artist's anatomy."" -- Art Students League News."

  • von Michael Putnam & Taylor Putnam
    26,00 €

    The ultimate colour-by-colour flower reference guide - from New York's pre-eminent floral designers, Putnam and Putnam

  • von Scholastic
    11,00 €

    Transform a piece of paper into Harry Potter, the Sorting Hat or even Nagini! This book includes detailed instructions; custom-designed paper illustrated with art from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies; as well as handbook-type information about each person, creature or item you are building.

  • von Nick Neddo
    24,00 €

    Kinder lieben Naturmaterialien: Dieses reiche Buch ist der perfekte Einstieg.Zahlreiche Anleitungen zum Herstellen von Stiften, Pinseln, Tinten, Stempeln, Schablonen, Farben und mehr.Gemeinsam mit Kindern kreativ sein: vom einfachen Handdruck bis zu Land-Art-Objekten.Für Kinder ab 5 Jahren.Mal- und Zeichenutensilien mit Materialien aus der Natur selbst herzustellen, ist ein wunderbarer Weg, mit Kindern kreativ zu sein. Für Tinte, Stifte, Farben, Stempel, Schablonen und mehr lassen sich die Materialien in der Natur finden. Das Beste daran ist, dass diese nicht vorgefertigt sind. Das fördert den Einfallsreichtum und regt die Experimentierfreude an, was zu einzigartigen Malwerkzeugen und Kunstwerken führt. Und währenddessen lernen die Kinder auch noch die Natur um sie herum besser kennen und schätzen. Gruppen und Familien finden in diesem Buch 38 umweltfreundliche Kreativprojekte. Einige Projekte aus dem Buch: . Beerentinte . Pinsel aus Pflanzen . Wachsmalstifte mit Steinpigmenten . Masken modellieren. Pflanzenabdrucke. Naturmobiles

    10,00 €

    Ein wunderschönes florales Malbuch für Groß und Klein Tauche ein in die geheimnisvolle Welt, in der Magie durch jede Seite fließt. Genieße einen Mondscheinspaziergang durch einen Garten voller Blumen. Entdecke fantastische Pflanzenschätze in dichten Wäldern und lerne an jeder Ecke neue Lebewesen kennen. Sammle deine Gedanken und beruhige deinen Geist, indem du all die schönen Pflanzen und Tiere ausmalst. Die erfolgreichen Malbücher von Maria Trolle begeistern Jung und Alt auf der ganzen Welt. Marias Interesse am Gärtnern zieht sich wie ein grüner Faden durch ihre Kunst, mit Pflanzen und Blumen als Naturmotive.

  • - Key Pieces to Sew + Accessories, Styling, and Inspiration
    von Lotta Jansdotter
    24,00 €

    Lotta Jansdotter's Everyday Style is a pattern book/inspiration guide anchored by five easy, versatile sewing patterns--skirt, dress, blouse, pants/shorts, and jacket/coat--and highlighted with quick DIY accessories, including hats, bags, scarves and jewellry.

  • - A Modern Makers Book of Amigurumi Crochet Patterns
    von Lauren Espy
    25,00 €

    Explore amigurumi these with 30 unique patterns. Whether a beginner or experienced, anyone can complete these cuddly creations.

  • - For Couples- Staying In Or Going Out - Relationship Goals
    von Paige Cooper
    21,00 €

  • - Beautiful Patterns for Year-round Knitting
    von Laine
    19,00 €

    A beautiful book of knitting patterns for a pair of socks every day of the year

  • - The Book Has the Colors, You Draw the Lines!
    von Kendra Norton
    11,98 €

    Forget drawing inside the lines and unleash true creativity! This reverse coloring book is packed with colorful, watercolor-filled pages of inspiring shades and free-form shapes that beg to have lines drawn around them, inside them, throughout them. Sophisticated or silly, patterns or pictures - how you fill in the page is up to your creative mind!

  • von Odd Dot
    20,98 €

    Luxuriate in the pages of THE ANTIQUARIAN STICKER BOOK: BIBLIOPHILIA, a compendium of over 1,000 gorgeous stickers for lovers of the sensational series and new fans alike.The highly anticipated sequel to the most beautiful sticker book ever created has arrived with even more stunning sticker ephemera! Create a collage or adorn your junk journal with evocative imagery, letter forms, or literary quotes to add another dimension to your project.Peel and decorate or browse and feast on the beauty of this lush sticker book unlike any other. A treasure trove of authentic historical prints from the ornate Victorian era can live on its own, be used on stationery and wrapping, or create an amazing collage.Featuring beautiful, odd, and inspiring stickers from the past for the modern-day crafter, scrapbooker, art and book lover, or for anyone who just loves stickers, The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Bibliophilia has something for everyone.

  • - Awesome Colour Combinations and Designs for Fun and Fabulous Crochet Blocks
    von Leonie Morgan & Celine Semaan
    15,00 €

    A collection of 40 fun and creative designs for easy and colourful crochet blocks.

  • von Abbey Sy
    24,00 €

  • von Lotta Jansdotter
    23,00 €

  • - A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
    von Julia Cameron
    30,00 €

  • - To Create is to Destroy, Now With Even More Ways to Wreck!
    von Keri Smith
    12,00 €

    Suitable for those who've always wanted to draw outside the lines but were afraid to do it, this title features a subversive collection of suggestions, asking readers to muster up their best mistake - and mess-making abilities to fill the pages of the book (and destroy them).

  • - A Guide for the Realist Painter
    von James Gurney
    19,98 €

    A researched study on art's most fundamental themes, Colour and Light bridges the gap between abstract theory and practical knowledge.

  • - An Illustrated Compendium of Adhesive Ephemera
    von Odd Dot
    25,00 €

    A beautiful collection of sticker ephemera for the modern-day crafter, scrapbooker, art lover, or for anyone who just loves stickers.

  • - A Festive Colouring Book
    von Johanna Basford
    14,00 €

    Hidden in this book are a flock of elusive little robins - can you spot them all?For this fun and festive colouring book Johanna has picked a crisp ivory paper that accentuates and compliments your chosen colour palette.

  • - An Inky Expedition & Colouring Book
    von Johanna Basford
    16,00 €

    A coloring book that takes you on an expedition through a jungle to discover a forgotten world of flora and fauna. Through intricate pen and ink illustrations, it helps colour-inners of all ages to explore an exotic rainforest teeming with creatures large and small such as: tree frogs and dainty hummingbirds, prowling tigers and playful monkeys.

  • von Erin Benzakein
    24,00 €

    Organised by season and featuring common easy-to-grow varietals, the book also includes 12 stunning DIY arrangement projects.

  • - A Colouring Book and Floral Adventure
    von Johanna Basford
    16,00 €

    An abundance of fascinating florals awaits in the gorgeous new colouring book from Johanna Basford. Join 'colourist queen' Johanna Basford on a floral adventure around the world and beyond, into the realms of fantasy and imagination.

  • von Caitie Moore
    21,00 €

    A creative new take on an old favorite-including delightful patterns for special occasions and gifts.The humble granny square gets a fresh new look in this collection of 3D granny square crochet patterns. Choose your favorite from one hundred different designs including flowers, animals, food and drink, and motifs, whether it's a fragrant rose, a cherry pie, or a jellyfish. Each motif features a 3D element that is integral to the granny square design.There are also ten bright and beautiful projects showing you how to use the squares to make special gifts for friends and family including an animal themed baby blanket, a fruity cushion, and a decorative garland, and patterns designed for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions.

  • von Erin Benzakein
    24,00 €

    From bestselling author and star of the farm-to-centrepiece movement Erin Benzakein comes this stunning visual guide to caring for and arranging fresh flowers all year long.

  • von Johanna Basford
    16,00 €

    Bring your own colour to the storyFrom colouring book queen Johanna Basford, a lavishly illustrated fable about a girl named Ivy who stumbles upon a secret door leading to the magical world of Enchantia.

  • von Kaffe Fassett
    34,00 €

  • von Julia Cameron
    15,00 €

  • von Tomoko Nakamichi
    24,00 €

    "Pattern Magic" is the cult pattern-cutting book from Japan. Taking inspiration from nature, from geometric shapes and from the street, this book harnesses the sheer joy of making and sculpting clothes.

  • von Inc. Sterling Publishing Co.
    16,00 €

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