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  • - The Autobiography of the World's Greatest Formula 1 Designer
    von Adrian Newey
    25,00 €

    'Adrian has a unique gift for understanding drivers and racing cars. He is ultra competitive but never forgets to have fun. An immensely likeable man.' Damon Hill

  • von Jeremy Clarkson
    9,98 €

  • von Lonely Planet
    19,00 €

    Looking for an eco-friendly and convenient way to explore Europe? This ultimate guide to train travel reveals how to make the most of the continent's high-speed services, sleeper trains and scenic routes. Packed with maps and insider tips, you'll discover everything from how to piece together your trip to ways to book the best value tickets.

  • von Kari Hotakainen
    15,00 €

    The authorised biography of cult hero Finnish Formula One world champion Kimi Raikkoenen - the closest thing we'll ever get to his autobiography.

  • - Vans, Nomads and Roadside Adventures
    35,00 €

  • - The Ultimate Sportscar as Cultural Icon
    von Ulf Poschardt
    35,00 €

  • - The Definitive History
    von TBC Author
    26,00 €

    Live and let drive. Bond Cars: The Definitive History is a lavish celebration of the cars that also became the stars alongside the world's most famous fictional spy.

  • - The Inside Track to the World's Greatest Rail Routes
    39,90 €

  • - The Definitive Visual History
    von Dk
    23,00 €

    Suitable for aviation buffs, covering the enduring impact that aircraft has on society as an object of curiosity, a symbol of luxury, and an essential weapon of war, this title is all about the men, machines, and landmark technology behind the iconic aircraft from the Supermarine Spitfire to the Concorde.

  • von Stefan Bogner & Jan Baedeker
    49,90 €

    Stefan Bogner is back in the Alps for his latest book.

  • von Randy Leffingwell
    30,00 €

  • von teNeues
    50,00 €

    Because asphalt is not enough-experience the Harley-Davidson lifestyle close up, which will also take you on the beach, the ice, or on steep walls, An informative book about the motorcycle brand that is also a plea for freedom (not just) on two wheels. An opulent photo book: a road movie you can browse through in Cinemascope format

  • - 70 Years
    von Andrew Noakes
    30,00 €

    Produced in association with the Aston Martin Heritage Trust and with over 250 stunning, and often rarely seen images from the AMHT archive, Aston Martin DB: 70 years is a superb celebration published to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the DB Aston Martins from the very first DB1 to the iconic DBs of the 1960s to the very latest DB11.

  • - The greatest cycling routes in the world
    von Cyclist
    27,00 €

    The world's most epic bike rides from the world's biggest road cycling magazine.

  • - There Is No Substitute
    von Randy Leffingwell
    36,00 €

  • - The Complete History of Aviation
    von R.G. Grant
    27,00 €

    Discover the fascinating stories behind humankind's conquest of the skies, from dreamers and inventors to modern-day astronauts.Take a sky-high journey through the Wright brothers' first powered flight, to Concorde's final voyage, to the tragic crash of the Columbia, and more, in this stunning book packed with information on the history of aviation.Charting the trailblazers, jet test pilots and constant progress at the cutting-edge of technology, every aspect of flight is explored. Recalling memorable events of the sky - record-breaking flights, aerial warfare, and hijackings - Flight is the story of how our dream to fly became a reality.This visual guide features remarkable photography on every page and galleries throughout to showcase important aircraft - with multiple viewpoints and their key statistics. Anyone interested in aeroplanes and vehicles of the sky, and their inventors, engineers, and pilots should have this book on their shelf.

  • von Lonely Planet
    23,00 €

    Experience 60 of the world's greatest and most unforgettable train journeys, from classic long-distance trips like Canada's Rocky Mountaineer and Darwin to Adelaide's The Ghan, to little-known gems on regular commuting lines. Each profile contains practical information like ticket options and timetables, plus inspiring photos and illustrated maps.

  • - America's Original Pony Car
    von Donald Farr
    37,00 €

  • von René Staud
    80,00 €

    A photographic homage to the "sports car of the century" spanning 60 years of model history, from the 1952 300 SL racers to the latest-generation SL. Text in English, German, French, Russian and Chinese.

  • von Tim Higgins
    15,00 €

  • von René Staud
    80,00 €

    This Jaguar photo book takes the reader on a ride through the complete Jaguar collection, racing history, legendary film appearances and celebrity owners. Text in English and German.

  • von Jeremy Clarkson
    12,00 €

  • von Leslie R Henry
    25,00 €

  • - Number 10
    von Stefan Bogner
    19,90 €

    Atmospheric photos by Stefan Bogner, capturing the full magnificence of the Norwegian landscape. Text in English and German.

  • - Motorcycle Roadtrips and Adventures
    39,90 €

    Ride Out! presents the most exciting motorcycling territories and tells the most thrilling adventures of people who have set out to travel the world on two wheels. From the Route des Grandes Alpes to the rough gravel paths that flank the Silk Road and into the arid Californian desert, Ride Out! chronicles some of the best motorcycle journeys in the world-both on- and offroad. Detailed maps lead you to famous mountain passes and along scenic ocean roads. A motorcycle rider is always on the hunt for the perfect curve, the perfect scenery, and the perfect flow, but it's the unexpected experiences that fine tune the perfect trip. From exploring new cultures to meeting new people and soaking in the sights and sounds along the way, the culture of discovery is what drives many to gear up for a ride. Pack light for a quick day trip with friends, or gear up for a long haul around the world. Traveling by two wheels on a cross-country expedition offers a freedom unmatched-it's an adventure in its purest form.

  • von Timothy Remus
    52,00 €

  • von Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman
    15,00 €

  • von Alan Dowds
    39,00 €

    BMW Motorcycles: 100 Years celebrates the legendary machines built by Germany’s leading motorcycle manufacturer. BMW’s long history of evolving technology is highlighted in this detailed story beginning with side-valve machines in the 1920s and early overhead-valve performance bikes, then moving to the postwar R-series Airhead and modern Oilhead twins, followed by four-cylinder and six-cylinder K-series touring bikes, the latest parallel twins, and inline-four cylinder sport bikes. From the first R32 that launched BMW’s motorcycle dynasty, to the latest S1000RR superbike and R18 mega-cruiser, BMW Motorcycles captures a century of motorcycling excellence in a combination of historic and contemporary photos sourced from BMW’s archive. The stories behind all the classic and modern BMWs are here: 1920s and 1930s BMWs like the R5 that defined performance in the prewar era The military R12 that supported the Wehrmacht as it battled its way across Europe in World War II The 1960s R69S that offered an excellent platform for both touring and sporting riding The R90S café racer and the R100RS, the latter arguably the world’s first dedicated sports tourer The astounding K1 “flying brick” The GS (Gelände Sport) series that launched the adventure-bike revolution Today’s R18, R nine T, and the world-class S100RR superbike This is a once-in-100-years story captured in a beautiful book sure to be enjoyed by any BMW Fan.

  • - 1964-1972
    von Jefferson Bryant
    32,00 €

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