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Polit- & Justizthriller

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  • - Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit (Now A Netflix Series)
    von John Douglas
    13,00 €

    Mindhunter, a captivating book penned by the brilliant John Douglas, was published in 2017 by Cornerstone. This book falls under the genre of true crime, a category that Douglas excels in. Mindhunter takes you on a thrilling journey into the depths of the criminal mind. Based on Douglas' real-life experiences as a special agent for the FBI, the book explores the process of profiling serial killers and rapists. Douglas' expertise and gripping storytelling make this book a must-read for any true crime enthusiast. The publication of Mindhunter by Cornerstone in 2017 marked a significant contribution to the genre. The book has since been praised for its insightful and chilling exploration of criminal psychology.

  • - A True Account of a Multiple Murder and its Consequences
    von Truman Capote
    12,00 - 13,00 €

    Reconstructs the murder in 1959 of a Kansas farmer, his wife and both their children. In this title, the author's study of the killings and subsequent investigation explores the circumstances surrounding this terrible crime and the effect it had on those involved.

  • - Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties
    von Tom O'Neill & Dan Piepenbring
    13,00 €

    In those two dark nights in Los Angeles, O'Neill finds the story of California in the sixties: when charlatans mixed with prodigies, free love was as possible as brainwashing, and utopia-or dystopia-was just an acid trip away.

  • von Dahmer Lionel Dahmer
    31,00 - 39,00 €

  • - Catching the Billion-Dollar Baron of the Dark Web
    von Nick Bilton
    16,00 €

    A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERThe unbelievable true story of the man who built a billion-dollar online drug empire from his bedroom - and almost got away with it.

  • - Oil, Money, Murder and the Birth of the FBI
    von David Grann
    11,00 €

    A masterpiece of narrative non-fiction, set around an American crime and the birth of the FBI, a thrilling investigative account of a forgotten moment in history.

  • von Paul Doyle
    26,00 €

  • - Italy's Other Mafia
    von Roberto Saviano
    12,00 €

    Gomorrah is both a bold and engrossing piece of investigative writing and one heroic young man's impassioned story of a place under the rule of a murderous organization.With a preface to mark the ten year anniversary of publication, Roberto Saviano's groundbreaking and utterly compelling book is a major international bestseller which has to date sold 750,000 copies in Italy alone. A groundbreaking study and a searing expose, Gomorrah is the astonishing true story of the renowned crime organization the Camorra, known by insiders as 'the System'. With a global reach, large stakes in construction, high fashion, illegal drugs and toxic waste disposal, the Camorra exerts a malign grip on cities and villages along the Neapolitan coast. In pursuit of his subject, Roberto Saviano worked as an assistant at a Chinese textile manufacturer and on a construction site, both controlled by 'the System', and as a waiter at a Camorra wedding. Born in Naples, he recalls seeing his first murder at the age of fourteen, and how his own father, a doctor, suffered a brutal beating for trying to help an eighteen-year-old victim, left for dead in the street. Since publishing the author has received so many death threats from the Camorra that he has been assigned police protection.

  • - The Disturbing Life and Chilling Crimes of Richard Ramirez
    von Philip Carlo
    19,00 €

    "An astonishing portrait of a killer not seen since In Cold Blood." -New York Daily News A bestselling masterpiece of true crime on par with Helter Skelter, this definitive account of one of America's most feared and notorious serial killers takes you deep into the psychology of a murderer, his terrifying crimes, and the cult following that is shockingly revealed in this revised and updated edition of a true crime classic. Decades after Richard Ramirez left thirteen dead and paralyzed the city of Los Angeles in the 1980s, his name is still synonymous with fear, torture, and sadistic murder. Philip Carlo's classic The Night Stalker, based on years of meticulous research and extensive interviews with Ramirez, revealed the killer and his horrifying crimes to be even more chilling than anyone could have imagined. From watching his cousin commit murder at age eleven to his nineteen death sentences to the juror who fell in love with him, the story of Ramirez is a bizarre and spellbinding descent into the very heart of human evil. After The Night Stalker was first published, thousands of women from all over the world contacted Carlo, begging to be put in touch with the killer. Carlo interviewed them and presents their disturbing stories in this updated edition along with an exclusive death row interview where the killer himself gives his thoughts on the "Ramirez Groupies"-and what he thinks they really want. "I couldn't put the book down…very scary indeed." -Los Angeles Times "An exceptionally well-told true crime tale." -Publishers Weekly Includes 16 Pages Of Photos

  • von Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein
    11,00 €

    ';The work that brought down a presidency...perhaps the most influential piece of journalism in history' (Time)from Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestselling authors of The Final Days. The most devastating political detective story of the century: two Washington Post reporters, whose brilliant, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation smashed the Watergate scandal wide open, tell the behind-the-scenes drama the way it really happened. One of Time magazine's All-Time 100 Best Nonfiction Books, this is the book that changed America. Published just months before President Nixon's resignation, All the President's Men revealed the full scope of the scandal and introduced for the first time the mysterious ';Deep Throat.' Beginning with the story of a simple burglary at Democratic headquarters and then continuing through headline after headline, Bernstein and Woodward deliver a riveting firsthand account of their reporting. Their explosive reports won a Pulitzer Prize for The Washington Post, toppled the president, and have since inspired generations of reporters. All the President's Men is a riveting detective story, capturing the exhilarating rush of the biggest presidential scandal in US history as it unfolded in real time.

  • von Rachel DeLoache Williams
    11,00 €

    How does it feel to be betrayed by your closest friend? A close friend who turns out to be the most prolific grifter in New York City...

  • - Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup
    von John Carreyrou
    11,48 €

    The shocking true story of the biggest corporate fraud since Enron, a gripping cautionary tale set amid the bold promises and gold-rush frenzy of Silicon Valley.

  • - Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century
    von Kirk Wallace Johnson
    13,00 €

    When he discovered that the thief evaded prison, and that half the birds were never recovered, Johnson embarked upon a years-long worldwide investigation which led him deep into the fiercely secretive underground community obsessed with the Victorian art of salmon fly-tying.

  • von Stephen G. Michaud
    13,00 €

    The book behind the sensational Netflix series The Ted Bundy Tapes. Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer was born out of more than 150 hours of exclusive interview footage with Bundy himself, recorded on death row before his execution in a Florida electric chair.

  • von Chris Whitaker
    17,00 €

    A gripping, sweeping new epic from the critically-acclaimed #1 international bestselling author of We Begin At The End, Chris Whitaker.A missing persons mystery.A serial killer thriller.A love story.One of the must-read novels of the year.

  • - A Life in the Japanese Underworld
    von Jake Adelstein
    17,00 - 31,00 €

    A riveting history of the Japanese mafia, from the bestselling author of Tokyo Vice.

  • von Laurent Richard & Sandrine Rigaud
    12,98 - 16,00 €

  • - The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper
    von Hallie Rubenhold
    13,00 €

  • von Paul Amsterdam
    15,00 - 20,00 €

  • - From the Authors of Mindhunter
    von John E. Douglas & Mark Olshaker
    13,00 €

  • - An Intelligence Agency for the People
    von Eliot Higgins
    12,00 €

  • - The Scariest Serial Killers Coloring Book. A True Crime Adult Gift - Full of Notorious Serial Killers. For Adults Only
    von Brian Berry
    18,00 €

  • von W M Rhodes
    26,00 €

  • von John Berendt
    13,00 €

    Four years on The New York Times bestseller list

  • von Bill Buford
    16,00 €

    What sort of man spends his Saturday afternoons with people named Bonehead, Paraffin Pete and Steamin' Sammy? Bill Buford's acclaimed Among the Thugs is a book about the experience, and the attractions, of crowd violence.

  • - I Saw What Law Enforcement Didn't See
    von Alan Vinnicombe
    46,00 €

  • von Jason Neal
    34,00 - 36,00 €

  • - 35 True Stories of Prison Passion (Updated Edition)
    von Sheila Isenberg
    22,00 €

    30 years after she first asked the question, ¿Why do women fall in love with convicted murderers?,¿ Sheila Isenberg answers it anew in the age of the internet, smart phones, social media, mass shootings, celebrity worship of murderers, and modern prison datingAt once disturbing and fascinating, Women Who Love Men Who Kill is a compelling psychological study of prison passion in the new millennium. Through extensive research and interviews with women who seek relationships with convicted killers through snail and e-mail, and through conversations with psychiatrists, social workers, and prison officials, Isenberg sheds light on why these women are drawn into relationships with incarcerated outcasts. Many of the women vulnerable to these relationships know exactly what they are getting into. But they are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of a love without hope or promise, or consummation.Updated and revised since its original publication, this second edition of Women Who Love Men Who Kill includes gripping new case studies and an absorbing look at how the digital age is revolutionizing this phenomenon. Meet the young women writing ¿fan fiction¿ featuring Americäs most sadistic murderers; the killer serving consecutive life sentences for strangling his wife and smothering his toddler daughters¿and the women who visit him in prison; the high-powered journalist who fell in love and risked it all for ¿Pharma Bro¿ Martin Shkreli; and many other women absorbed in online and real-life dalliances with their killer men.

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