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  • von Ronald Smith, Nigel Holt, Michael Vliek, usw.
    67,00 €

    The fifth edition of Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour continues to build on its strong biopsychosocial approach and balancing of classical and contemporary theory. The celebrated pedagogical design has been reinforced with additional pedagogical features and real world issues to offer an exciting and engaging introduction to the study of psychology.The fifth edition has been fully updated to reflect new developments in the field and the scientific approach brings together international research and practical application to encourage critical thinking about psychology and its impact on our societies and daily lives. Key features:.Brand New! The Bigger Picture takes a step back and reflects on how a subject can be interpreted from different angles. Replacing the Levels of Analysis feature, the Bigger Picture explores not only the biological, psychological and environmental levels, but also cultural and developmental aspects as well. .Brand New! Learning Goals and Review Questions encourage students to consider the core learnings of each chapter and critically assess their real world implications. .New and Updated! Psychology at Work interviews from Psychologists in the field are now included in every chapter. They provide a glimpse into their day-to-day work and the career path they have taken since completing a psychology degree. .Research Close Ups reflect new research and literature as well as updated critical thinking questions to encourage analysis and evaluation of the findings. .Current issues and hot topics such as, Covid-19, fake news, workplace psychology, social media, prosociality and critical perspectives of positive psychology prompt debates on the questions facing psychologists today.Nigel Holt is Head of Department of Psychology at Aberystwyth University, WalesAndy Bremner is Professor of Developmental Psychology and Head of Education at the University of Birmingham, UKMichael Vliek is an affiliate of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and lectures at the University of Leiden, GermanyEd Sutherland is an Associate Professor in Psychology and Director of Learning and Teaching at the University of Leeds, UKMichael W. Passer is an Associate Teaching Professor at the University of Washington, USARonald E. Smith is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Washington, USA

  • von Vijay Govindarajan, Robert Anthony, Frank Hartmann, usw.
    65,00 €

    The fully updated, second edition of Management Control Systems supports students to develop an investigative approach to implementing planning and control systems for strategic success. With strong links between theory and modern real-world practices, the new edition reflects developments in global management and business, plus contemporary design and use of management control systems. Students have access to a wealth of diverse analytical cases, balanced with current content and international examples.Key features of this new edition include:.Fully revised to incorporate current methods in management control .New chapters on Managers, Human behaviour and Organizations, Risk Management and The controllers - past, present, future..New coverage of topics such as Risk management, Sustainability, Globalisation and Ethics."..New end-of-chapter and additional cases that cover chapter topics and provide questions and discussion topics for students to put their knowledge to practice. .Full coverage of current management control systems roles and responsibilities, including controllers, BU-controllers and the CFO.Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter provide a structure for students to progress their knowledge from..Now available with Connect®, including access to a Testbank and 10 case studies that are assignable and autogradable.Available with McGraw Hill Education's Connect®, the well-established online learning platform, which features resources to help faculty and institutions improve student outcomes and course delivery efficiency. Are you a student? Gain easy online access to homework, tests and quizzes with immediate feedback on your progress as well as access to practice materials.Are you an instructor? You can create auto-graded assignments, tests and quizzes. Detailed visual reporting allows you to easily monitor student progress. Explore the updated instructor resources that include an instructor's manual, solutions manual, PowerPoints, glossary and appendices. Frank G.H. Hartmann is a Professor of Accounting at the Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University. Kalle Kraus is Professor in Accounting at the Stockholm School of Economics.Göran Nilsson is a Senior Lecturer in Management Control at Uppsala University.Robert N. Anthony was the Ross Graham Walker Professor Emeritus of Management Control at Harvard Business School. Vijay Govindarajan is the Coxe Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business and a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Selling author.

  • von Stanley Fischer, Rudiger Dornbusch, David Begg & usw.
    79,00 €

    Economics is all around us. It influences our daily lives, our society, political decisions, environmentalconcerns and the future we leave for our children. The twelfth edition of Economics by David Begg andGianluigi Vernasca is a focused toolkit for studying economics. It enables the reader to understand howeconomics underpins the world we live in, by presenting the economic theory in a clear and accessibleway and applying it to real world situations.>This new edition has been revised and updated to include the latest topics and issues, such as the roleof information and the digital economy, immigration, and globalization. This material, combined with arich array of pedagogical features, encourages students to understand not only our economic past andpresent, but also our changing world and the way in which economics can make sense of it.>Key Features:New chapters on "Globalization, National Sovereignty and the World Economy" and "Governingthe Market";Fully updated chapters, including new and expanded material on behavioural economics andgame theory;A range of pedagogical features, including topical case studies, boxes on economic conceptsand activity applications, which show the relevance and application of the material;A flexible learning approach allows the reader to learn at their own pace, with end of chapterquestions graded by difficulty and optional math boxes for the technically-minded;Clean and contemporary design for ease of reading and study;Connect® resources such as application-based activities, interactive graphs, algorithmicquestions and graphing and maths tutorials.>Available with McGraw-Hill Education's Connect®, the well-established online learning platform, whichfeatures our award-winning adaptive reading experience as well as resources to help faculty andinstitutions improve student outcomes and course delivery efficiency.>To learn more, visit>

  • von David Buss, John Song, Andreas Wismeijer, usw.
    55,00 €

    Personality makes us who we are and influences every aspect of our lives - from how we interact withothers, to how we respond in stressful situations. Personality Psychology uses a unique organizationalframework to explore the six key domains of knowledge about personality - Dispositional, Biological,Intrapsychic, Cognitive/Experiential, Social/Cultural and Adjustment. This third edition focuses on the scientificbasis of current understanding, highlighting contemporary research while also covering classic viewpoints.>Key features:>. Updated chapter on Culture and Personality with an expanded review of international research. Extensively revised chapter on Personality Disorders, covering the DSM-5 and its hybrid model. New and refreshed pedagogy including 'Application boxes', which examine how personalitytheories and research are used in real-world situations. 'A Closer Look' sections, which explore core topics and influential studies to enhance students'understanding. New and updated Exercises to encourage critical reflection and the application of theory topersonal experience. A fully revised chapter on Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality, including historicalperspectives and extended coverage of Object Relations Theory and Ego Psychology>Connect® Psychology is McGraw Hill's digital learning and teaching environment.>Students - You get easy online access to homework, tests and quizzes designed by your instructor.You get immediate feedback on how you're doing, making it the perfect platform to test your knowledge.>Lecturers - Connect® gives you the power to create auto-graded assignments, tests and quizzes online.The detailed visual reporting allows you to easily monitor your students' progress. In addition, you canaccess key support materials for your teaching, including a testbank and lecture support.>Randy Larsen is the William R. Stuckenberg Professor of Human Values and Moral Development at WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis. His recent classes include personality psychology and ethics for scientists.>David Buss is Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Individual Differences and EvolutionaryPsychology (IDEP) programme at the University of Texas at Austin.>Andreas Wismeijer lectures in personality psychology and a multitude of other courses at Tilburg University andNyenrode Business University. He is a prolific writer of articles on psychology.>John Song is the interim Head of the School of Applied Social Sciences at De Montfort University, where he has alsotaught personality, individual differences and research methods as an Associate Professor.>Stéphanie van den Berg is Associate Professor at the University of Twente where she teaches statistics, data scienceand psychometrics to students in the behavioural sciences.>Bertus Jeronimus teaches courses on personality and individual differences, as well as lifespan development andsocialization, at Groningen University. He is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences.

  • von John Fahy
    53,00 €

    Have you wondered how marketers use data and technology to capture relevant information on their target audience? Or how marketers in today's world deal with questions around sustainability, climate change and planned product obsolescence? In its 7th edition, Foundations of Marketing aims to answer these pressing questions. This leading textbook is packed with contemporary examples and case studies that highlight the real-world applications of marketing concepts. Discover: . The growing importance of social marketing. How organisations are leveraging consumer data to make decisions and drive customer retention and conversion levels. The role of brand communities, peer-to-peer marketing and social influencers. Both a Managerial and Consumer approach to marketingKey features: . Marketing Spotlights highlight the marketing innovations of brands such as Zoom, Rent the Runway, John Lewis and Patagonia.. Marketing in Action boxes offer modern examples of real marketing campaigns in the UK, Denmark, The Netherlands and internationally. . Critical Marketing Perspective boxes encourage students to critically reflect on ethical debates and stimulate student discussion and analysis about socially responsible practices.. End of Chapter Case Studies covering Starbucks, Patek Philipe, Spotify and Depop provides students with an in-depth analysis of companies' marketing strategies. Each case study has dedicated questions to encourage critical thinking. . Connect® resources such as updated Testbank and Quiz questions, Application Based Activities and assignable Case Studies with associated multiple-choice questions. John Fahy is Professor of Marketing at the University of Limerick, IrelandDavid Jobber is Professor of Marketing at the University of Bradford School of Management, UK

  • von Alan Wilson
    61,00 €

    Successful businesses recognize that the development of strong customer relationships through quality service (and services) as well as implementing service strategies for competitive advantage are key to their success.In its fourth European edition, Services Marketing: Integrating Customer Focus across the Firm provides full coverage of the foundations of services marketing, placing the distinctive Gaps model at the center of this approach. The new edition draws on the most recent research, and using up-to-date and topical examples, the book focuses on the development of customer relationships through service, outlining the core concepts and theories in services marketing today.New and updated material in this new edition includes:. New content related to human resource strategies, including coverage of the role of robots and chatbots for delivering customer-focused services.. New coverage on listening to customers through research, big data, netnography and monitoring user-generated content.. Increased technology, social media and digital coverage throughout the text, including the delivery of services using mobile and digital platforms, as well as through the Internet of Things.. Brand new examples and case studies added from global and innovative companies including Turkish Airlines, Volvo, EasyJet and McDonalds.Available with McGraw-Hill's Connect®, the well-established online learning platform, which features our award-winning adaptive reading experience as well as resources to help faculty and institutions improve student outcomes and course delivery efficiency.

  • von Stephen Ross, David Hillier, Jeffrey Jaffe, usw.
    66,00 €

    The fourth edition of Corporate Finance takes an applied approach to cover all the latest research and topic areas important to students taking Finance courses. The new edition provides an international perspective on all areas of corporate finance and has been updated to include discussion on current trends such as the rise of populism and trade barriers on international finance, the advent of Financial Technology, and key regulatory changes impacting the sector. Understanding and Application.Clear, user-friendly style.Example boxes in every chapter provide hypothetical examples to illustrate theoretical concepts such as cash flow timing, dividend smoothing and differential growth..Real World Insight boxes use real companies like Siemens, Avast and Adidas to show how they have applied corporate finance theories and concepts to their businesses and business decisions..Chapter links in the margin provide quick cross-referencing to show students the connections between topics.Practice and Proficiency.Mini and Practical cases present scenarios and questions to practice applying what you have learnt. .Rigorous testing: between 30 and 40 Questions and Problems per chapter are categorised by topic and level of difficulty..Numbered maths equations and key notation boxes listing the variables and acronyms that will be encountered in each chapter, designed to encourage mastery of Maths..Exam Questions designed to take 45 minutes and test you on material learned in a more formal exam style..Connect® resources include algorithmic questions designed to ensure equations and calculations are not learned by rote but by thorough understanding and practice New to This Edition.Updated discussions on peer-to-peer trading, cash flow forecasting methods, import/export partners and additional investment appraisal methods.Updated chapters on corporate governance to reflect global changes, efficient markets and mergers and acquisition to reflect new research, financial distress to reflect new data with discussion on trends and insolvencies and fully updated chapter on Leasing to reflect new IFRS standards.New section on Modified Internal Rate of Return and Margin of Safety in Investment Appraisal, Net Asset Value, Islamic Financing, and alternatives to CAPM to reflect research developments. NEW: This edition has now been updated with 8 new videos that covers a worked example from the text and each video has associated concept check questions. The videos are now available on Connect® and cover:. Chapter 1 & 2: Introduction to Finance and Corporate Governance . Chapter 5: Long-Term Financing. Chapter 6: Investment Appraisal. Chapter 9 & 10: Risk and Return. Chapter 15 and 16: Equity and Debt Valuation . Chapter 20: Advanced Capital Budgeting. Chapter 21: Dividends. Chapter 22: OptionsDavid Hillier is Associate Principal and Executive Dean of the University of Strathclyde Business School. A Professor of Finance, David was recognized as being in the top 3 per cent of the most prolific finance researchers in the world over the past 50 years (Heck and Cooley, 2009) and appears regularly in the media as a business commentator.

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