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  • - Practical Programming for Total Beginners
    von Al Sweigart
    31,00 €

    The second edition of this best-selling Python book teaches even the technically uninclined how to automate the boring stuff.

  • von Brian Lyles
    15,98 €

    The LEGO Neighborhood Book is your guide to creating incredible LEGO buildings and cities.

  • - A Modern Introduction to Programming
    von Marijn Haverbeke
    30,00 €

    Completely revised and updated, this bestselling introduction to programming in JavaScript focuses on writing real applications.

  • - Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters
    von Justin Seitz
    34,00 €

  • von Jon Erickson
    38,00 €

    Deals with computers/software.

  • - An Illustrated Guide to Protocols, Privacy, Censorship, and Governance
    von Article 19
    16,00 €

    A comic-book like introduction to how the internet works, promoting understanding of digital privacy concerns.

  • von Tom Alphin
    19,78 €

    The LEGO Architect explores the world of architecture using the LEGO brick.

  • - A Beginner's Guide to Building and Programming LEGO Robots
    von Daniele Benedettelli
    27,00 €

    An introduction to the LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor Kit through seven engaging projects.With its amazing assortment of bricks, motors, and smart sensors, the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor set opens the door to a physical-meets-digital world. The LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Activity Book expands that world into an entire universe of incredibly fun, uniquely interactive robotic creations! Using the Robot Inventor set and a device that can run the companion app, you’ll learn how to build bots beyond your imagination—from a magical monster that gobbles up paper and answers written questions, to a remote-controlled transformer car that you can drive, steer, and shape-shift into a walking humanoid robot at the press of a button.Author and MINDSTORMS master Daniele Benedettelli, a robotics expert, takes a project-based approach as he leads you through an increasingly sophisticated collection of his most captivating robot models, chapter by chapter. Each project features illustrated step-by-step building instructions, as well as detailed explanations on programming your robots through the MINDSTORMS App—no coding experience required.As you build and program an adorable pet turtle, an electric guitar that lets you shred out solos, a fully functional, whiz-bang pinball machine and more, you’ll discover dozens of cool building and programming techniques to apply to your own LEGO creations, from working with gears and motors, to smoothing out sensor measurement errors, storing data in variables and lists, and beyond. By the end of this book, you’ll have all the tools, talent and inspiration you need to invent your own LEGO MINDSTORMS robots.

  • - 1001 Ideas for Brickwork, Siding, Windows, Columns, Roofing, and Much, Much More
    von Alice Finch
    19,98 €

    A 'thesaurus' full of tips and tricks for LEGO builders to help elevate their architectural models.

  • - A Photographic History From Atari to Xbox
    von Evan Amos
    29,00 €

    This revised and expanded second edition of the bestselling The Game Console contains brand new content, with coverage of 50 more consoles, variants, and accessories in 50 added pages. The Game Console 2.0 is a gorgeous coffee table book for geeks and gamers that brings together highly detailed photos of more than 100 video game consoles and their electronic interiors spanning nearly five decades.Revised and updated since the first edition’s celebrated 2018 release, The Game Console 2.0 is an even bigger archival collection of vividly detailed photos of more than 100 video-game consoles. This ultimate archive of gaming history spans five decades and nine distinct generations, chronologically covering everything from market leaders to outright failures, and tracing the gaming industry’s rise, fall, and monumental resurgence. The book’s 2nd edition features more classic game consoles and computers, a section on retro gaming in the modern era, and dozens of new entries — including super-rare finds, such the Unisonic Champion 2711, and the latest ninth-generation consoles. You’ll find coverage of legendary systems like the Magnavox Odyssey, Atari 2600, NES, and the Commodore 64; systems from the ‘90s and 2000s; modern consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5; and consoles you never knew existed. Get a unique peek at the hardware powering the world’s most iconic video-game systems with The Game Console 2.0 — the perfect gift for geeks of all stripes and every gamer’s must-have coffee-table book.

  • von Ulrik Pilegaard
    24,00 €

    "Forbidden Lego" deals with computers/software.

  • - An Introduction to Professional C Programming
    von Robert Seacord
    34,00 €

    A detailed introduction to the C programming language for experienced programmers.

  • - What Every Superuser Should Know
    von Brian Ward
    38,00 €

    A new edition of the best-selling guide to the inner workings of Linux - over 50k sold sincs 2014!

  • von Yoshihito Isogawa
    20,00 €

    Cars! Crawlers! Tanks! Contraptions and gizmos of every stripe. The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book: Vehicles and Movement is designed to inspire you.

  • - Go Programming For Hackers and Pentesters
    von Chris Patten
    30,98 €

    Explore the darker side of the popular Go programming language while you test your systems, build and automate tools to fit your needs, and improve your security skillset.

  • - The Hands-On Guide to Dissecting Malicious Software
    von Michael Sikorski
    40,00 €

    Malware analysis is big business, and attacks can cost a company dearly. When malware breaches your defenses, you need to act quickly to cure current infections and prevent future ones from occurring.For those who want to stay ahead of the latest malware, Practical Malware Analysis will teach you the tools and techniques used by professional analysts. With this book as your guide, you'll be able to safely analyze, debug, and disassemble any malicious software that comes your way.You'll learn how to:-Set up a safe virtual environment to analyze malware-Quickly extract network signatures and host-based indicators-Use key analysis tools like IDA Pro, OllyDbg, and WinDbg-Overcome malware tricks like obfuscation, anti-disassembly, anti-debugging, and anti-virtual machine techniques-Use your newfound knowledge of Windows internals for malware analysis-Develop a methodology for unpacking malware and get practical experience with five of the most popular packers-Analyze special cases of malware with shellcode, C++, and 64-bit codeHands-on labs throughout the book challenge you to practice and synthesize your skills as you dissect real malware samples, and pages of detailed dissections offer an over-the-shoulder look at how the pros do it. You'll learn how to crack open malware to see how it really works, determine what damage it has done, thoroughly clean your network, and ensure that the malware never comes back.Malware analysis is a cat-and-mouse game with rules that are constantly changing, so make sure you have the fundamentals. Whether you're tasked with securing one network or a thousand networks, or you're making a living as a malware analyst, you'll find what you need to succeed in Practical Malware Analysis.

  • - Robot Inventor Idea Book
    von Yoshihito Isogawa
    25,00 €

    A follow-up to the best-selling LEGO® Technic Idea Book series by master builder and LEGO luminary Yoshihito Isogawa, readers learn to create their own robots from the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Set.If you’ve had your fun building programmable, intelligent creations with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor set, it’s time to take your bot-building to the next level! With over 125 new models, the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor Idea Book will unleash your imagination and open up limitless possibilities for unique robotic designs.You’ll learn how to build basic mechanisms with motors and sensors, robots that can walk or drive themselves, and practical tools for lifting, opening doors, drawing, and even launching projectiles. Then, bring them all to life with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor App, which lets you program your bots to perform tasks and missions.Each model is paired with an illustrated list of parts and multi-angled color photographs, so you can easily reproduce the projects without the need for step-by-step instructions. Best of all, you’ll also be inspired to combine various mechanisms into your own interactive inventions, toys, cars, games, and more!To build the book’s models, all you need is the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor set (#51515) and a smart device that can run the MINDSTORMS App.

  • von Pawel Sariel Kmiec
    15,00 €

    Build an amazing LEGO Mustang, with step-by-step instructions!

  • - Build Your Own Mini Metropolis!
    von Jeff Friesen
    20,00 €

    A collection of stunning photography and building instructions for 10 tiny cities built completely out of LEGO.

  • von Windell Oskay
    28,00 €

    Open Circuits is a photographic exploration of the beautiful design inside everyday electronics. Its stunning cross-section photography unlocks a hidden world full of elegance, subtle complexity, and wonder.Our phones, computers, and appliances are made of hundreds of internal components, each precisely engineered to perform a certain function, but none intended to actually be seen. Through painstakingly executed, vividly detailed cross-section photography, Open Circuits reveals the surprising—and often accidental—beauty hiding inside the electronic components that drive our everyday devices. From resistors to LEDs, USB cables to headphone jacks, stepper motors to nixie tubes, the book’s arresting imagery transforms more than 130 components into delightful works of art. As you visually dissect the components’ insides, you’ll learn about how they work and how they were made. Open Circuits has something for everyone to appreciate, whether you’re a seasoned electrical engineer, an amateur tinkerer, or simply a lover of art and photography.

  • - Best Practices to Eliminate Complexity and Simplify Your Lif
    von Christian Mayer
    21,00 €

    Learn eight principles to simplify your code and become a more effective (and successful) programmer.Most software developers waste thousands of hours working with overly complex code. The eight core principles in The Art of Clean Coding will teach you how to write clear, maintainable code without compromising functionality. The book’s guiding principle is simplicity: reduce and simplify, then reinvest energy in the important parts to save you countless hours and ease the often onerous task of code maintenance.Bestselling author Christian Mayer leverages his experience helping thousands perfect their coding skills in this new book. With expert advice and real-world examples, he’ll show you how to: Concentrate on the important stuff with the 80/20 principle -- focus on the 20% of your code that matters mostAvoid coding in isolation: create a minimum viable product to get early feedbackWrite code cleanly and simply to eliminate clutter Avoid premature optimization that risks over-complicating code Balance your goals, capacity, and feedback to achieve the productive state of FlowApply the Do One Thing Well philosophy to vastly improve functionalityDesign efficient user interfaces with the Less is More principleTie your new skills together into one unifying principle: Focus  The Python-based The Art of Clean Coding is suitable for programmers at any level, with ideas presented in a language-agnostic manner.

  • von Anthony Debarros
    31,00 €

  • - Code Secure and Reliable Network Services from Scratch
    von Adam Woodbeck
    38,00 €

    Learn how to write secure, network software in idiomatic Go using the language's latest features.

  • - Black-Belt Advice on Deployment, Scalability, Testing, and More
    von Julien Danjou
    24,00 €

    An indispensable collection of practical tips and real-world advice for tackling common Python problems and taking your code to the next level.

  • von Al Sweigart
    22,00 €

    Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python teaches you how to make your own versions of classic computer games.

  • von V. Anton Spraul
    27,00 €

  • von Corey J. Ball
    42,00 €

    Hacking APIs is a crash course in web API security testing that will prepare you to penetration-test APIs, reap high rewards on bug bounty programs, and make your own APIs more secure.Hacking APIs is a crash course on web API security testing that will prepare you to penetration-test APIs, reap high rewards on bug bounty programs, and make your own APIs more secure. You’ll learn how REST and GraphQL APIs work in the wild and set up a streamlined API testing lab with Burp Suite and Postman. Then you’ll master tools useful for reconnaissance, endpoint analysis, and fuzzing, such as Kiterunner and OWASP Amass. Next, you’ll learn to perform common attacks, like those targeting an API’s authentication mechanisms and the injection vulnerabilities commonly found in web applications. You’ll also learn techniques for bypassing protections against these attacks. In the book’s nine guided labs, which target intentionally vulnerable APIs, you’ll practice:Enumerating APIs users and endpoints using fuzzing techniquesUsing Postman to discover an excessive data exposure vulnerabilityPerforming a JSON Web Token attack against an API authentication processCombining multiple API attack techniques to perform a NoSQL injectionAttacking a GraphQL API to uncover a broken object level authorization vulnerability By the end of the book, you’ll be prepared to uncover those high-payout API bugs other hackers aren’t finding and improve the security of applications on the web.

  • - The Guide to Analyzing Malicious Software
    von Patrick Wardle
    37,00 €

    A comprehensive guide to the threats facing Apple computers and the foundational knowledge needed to become a proficient Mac malware analyst.Defenders must fully understand how malicious software works if they hope to stay ahead of the increasingly sophisticated threats facing Apple products today. The Art of Mac Malware: The Guide to Analyzing Malicious Software is a comprehensive handbook to cracking open these malicious programs and seeing what’s inside. Discover the secrets of nation state backdoors, destructive ransomware, and subversive cryptocurrency miners as you uncover their infection methods, persistence strategies, and insidious capabilities. Then work with and extend foundational reverse-engineering tools to extract and decrypt embedded strings, unpack protected Mach-O malware, and even reconstruct binary code. Next, using a debugger, you’ll execute the malware, instruction by instruction, to discover exactly how it operates. In the book’s final section, you’ll put these lessons into practice by analyzing a complex Mac malware specimen on your own.You’ll learn to:Recognize common infections vectors, persistence mechanisms, and payloads leveraged by Mac malwareTriage unknown samples in order to quickly classify them as benign or maliciousWork with static analysis tools, including disassemblers, in order to study malicious scripts and compiled binariesLeverage dynamical analysis tools, such as monitoring tools and debuggers, to gain further insight into sophisticated threatsQuickly identify and bypass anti-analysis techniques aimed at thwarting your analysis attemptsA former NSA hacker and current leader in the field of macOS threat analysis, Patrick Wardle uses real-world examples pulled from his original research. The Art of Mac Malware: The Guide to Analyzing Malicious Software is the definitive resource to battling these ever more prevalent and insidious Apple-focused threats.

  • - The Guide to Finding and Reporting Web Vulnerabilities
    von Vickie Li
    34,00 €

    Bug bounty programmes are company-sponsored programmes that invite researchers to search for vulnerabilities on their applications and reward them for their findings. This book is designed to help beginners with little to no security experience learn web hacking, find bugs, and stay competitive in this booming and lucrative industry. You''ll learn how to hack mobile apps, find vulnerabilities in APIs, and automate your hacking process. By the end of the book, you''ll have learned the tools and techniques necessary to be a competent web hacker and find bugs on a bug bounty programme.

  • - A Hands-on Introduction to Breaking In
    von Daniel Graham
    38,00 €

    A hands-on guide to hacking computer systems from the ground up, from capturing traffic to crafting sneaky, successful trojans.A crash course in modern hacking techniques, Ethical Hacking is already being used to prepare the next generation of offensive security experts. In its many hands-on labs, you’ll explore crucial skills for any aspiring penetration tester, security researcher, or malware analyst. You’ll begin with the basics: capturing a victim’s network traffic with an ARP spoofing attack and then viewing it in Wireshark. From there, you’ll deploy reverse shells that let you remotely run commands on a victim’s computer, encrypt files by writing your own ransomware in Python, and fake emails like the ones used in phishing attacks. In advanced chapters, you’ll learn how to fuzz for new vulnerabilities, craft trojans and rootkits, exploit websites with SQL injection, and escalate your privileges to extract credentials, which you’ll use to traverse a private network. You’ll work with a wide range of professional penetration testing tools—and learn to write your own tools in Python—as you practice tasks like: Deploying the Metasploit framework’s reverse shells and embedding them in innocent-seeming filesCapturing passwords in a corporate Windows network using MimikatzScanning (almost) every device on the internet to find potential victimsInstalling Linux rootkits that modify a victim’s operating systemPerforming advanced Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks that execute sophisticated JavaScript payloads Along the way, you’ll gain a foundation in the relevant computing technologies. Discover how advanced fuzzers work behind the scenes, learn how internet traffic gets encrypted, explore the inner mechanisms of nation-state malware like Drovorub, and much more. Developed with feedback from cybersecurity students, Ethical Hacking addresses contemporary issues in the field not often covered in other books and will prepare you for a career in penetration testing. Most importantly, you’ll be able to think like an ethical hacker⁠: someone who can carefully analyze systems and creatively gain access to them.

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