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  • von Stephanie Just
    15,00 €

    Backen macht unglaublich Spaß, besonders dann, wenn eine leistungsstarke Küchenmaschine einige Arbeiten übernimmt. Hefe- und Rührteig, der perfekte Eischnee und Unmengen an Streuseln - die verschiedenen Rühraufsätze der KitchenAid schaffen alles. Durch das Fassungsvermögen der Schüsseln sind auch große Mengen im Nullkommanichts fertig.Dieses Backbuch bietet detailliertes Grundwissen zur technischen Ausstattung und 50 fantastische Rezepte. Egal ob süß, herzhaft, Brötchen oder Schichttorte - hier finden alle Backfans, was ihr Herz begehrt. Der perfekte Begleiter für die beliebte Küchenmaschine!

  • von Chad Robertson & Elizabeth Prueitt
    31,00 €

    Tartine Bread, a masterpiece penned by Chad Robertson, is a must-read for all bread enthusiasts. Published in 2010, this book has been a staple in the culinary literature genre. Robertson, a renowned baker, shares his extensive knowledge and unique techniques in this comprehensive guide. The book is a deep dive into the world of artisan bread baking, offering a blend of science and artistry that is rarely found. It's not just a book; it's a journey that takes you through the heart of the bakery and into your kitchen. Published by Chronicle Books, Tartine Bread is more than a decade old but continues to inspire and educate new generations of bakers. This book is a testament to Robertson's passion and dedication to the craft of baking. It's a treasure trove of knowledge that every home baker or professional should have on their bookshelf.

  • von Claire Saffitz
    28,00 €

  • von Chad Robertson & Elisabeth M. Prueitt
    29,00 €

    In this new book, the owners of Tartine Bakery share not only their fabulous, easy-to-make recipes, but also the secrets and expertise that can transform a delicious homemade treat into a spectacular baked creation. 64 color & b/w photos.

  • - The ground-breaking guide to making gut-friendly bread
    von Vanessa Kimbell
    22,98 €

    Achieve the delicious crust and addictive tang of a homemade sourdough loaf with this comprehensive guide from expert Vanessa Kimbell.

  • von Mary Berry
    28,00 €

    The definitive baking collection from the undisputed queen of cakesThis stunning cookbook brings together all of Mary Berry's most mouth-watering baking recipes in a beautifully packaged edition. Filled with 250 foolproof recipes, from the classic Victoria Sponge, Very Best Chocolate Cake and Hazelnut Meringue Cake to tempting muffins, scones and bread and butter pudding, this is the most comprehensive baking cookbook you'll ever need. Mary's easy-to-follow instructions and handy tips make it ideal for kitchen novices and more experienced cooks alike, and full-colour photographs and beautiful illustrations will guide you smoothly to baking success. Drawing on her years of experience to create recipes for cakes, breads and desserts, Mary Berry's Baking Bible will prove to be a timeless classic.

  • von Ann Reardon
    21,00 €

    How to Cook That Dessert Cookbook: Pastries, Cakes and Sweet CreationsHow to Cook Thatis the most popular Australian cooking channel in all the world, and its not hard to see why. PopSugarEditors' pick: Best Cookbooks, Food & Wine#1 Best Seller in Chocolate Baking, Confectionary Desserts, Pastry Baking, Garnishing Meals, Holiday Cooking, Main Courses & Side Dishes, Cookies, Cooking by Ingredient, and Pie BakingOffering a fun-filled step-by-step dessert cookbook, Ann Reardon teaches you how to create delicious and impressive pastries, cakes and sweet creations.Join food scientist Ann Reardon, host of the award-winning YouTube seriesHow to Cook That, as she exploresCrazy Sweet Creations.An accomplished pastry chef, Reardon draws millions of baking fans together each week, eager to learn the secrets of her extravagant cakes, chocolates, and eye-popping desserts. Her warmth and sense of fun in the kitchen shines through on every page as she reveals the science behind recreating your own culinary masterpieces.For home cooks and fans who love their desserts, cakes, and ice creams to look amazing and taste even better.Take your culinary creations to influencer status.Youll also:Learn to make treats that get the whole family cookingCreate baked goods that tap into beloved pop culture trendsImpress guests with beautiful dessertsReaders of dessert cookbooks likeDessert Person,Zo Bakes Cakes, or100 Cookies will loveHow to Cook That: Crazy Sweet Creations.

  • von Joanna Farrow
    13,98 €

    Introducing 'The Official Harry Potter Baking Book' by the talented Joanna Farrow. Published in 2021 by Scholastic, this book is a delicious dive into the magical world of Harry Potter. The genre of this book is as unique as the wizarding world itself, combining the love of baking with the enchantment of Harry Potter. Joanna Farrow has masterfully crafted a variety of recipes that will transport you straight to the Leaky Cauldron, the Great Hall, or even Hagrid's Hut. Whether you're a seasoned baker or a novice, this book is a must-have for any Potterhead. So, grab your wand, put on your apron, and let's get baking with The Official Harry Potter Baking Book, proudly published by Scholastic.

  • - Includes all the delicious recipes from the BBC2 TV series
    von Nadiya Hussain
    21,00 €

  • von David Chang & Christina Tosi
    32,00 €

    As seen on Netflix's acclaimed Chef's Table and Bake Squad, chef and owner of Momofuku Milk Bar, Christina Tosi finally shares her recipes for her legendary riffs on childhood flavours and home classics - all derived from ten mother recipes. These original sweet recipes are totally incomparable. At a time when baking has found itself a new home in the hearts of the British public, this collection of innovative recipes is perfect for cookie, pie and cake addicts who need their sugary fix. From cereal-milk ice cream to the secrets for crack pie, this book is packed full of the recipes which are daily available at the iconic NYC bakery.With a delightful foreword by dazzling chef David Chang, Momofuku Milk Bar is a perfect dessert-filled complement to Chang's Momofuku Cookbook. Christina's collection is brimming with new taste sensations - a must have for anyone with a sweet tooth.

  • von Claire Saffitz
    24,00 €

    A love letter to dessert by the New York Times bestselling author of Dessert Person.

  • von Magnus Nilsson
    41,00 €

    The acclaimed chef featured in the Emmy-Award winning US PBS series The Mind of a Chef and the Netflix docuseries Chef's Table explores the rich baking tradition of the Nordic region, with 450 tempting recipes for home bakers

  • von Katarina Cermelj
    32,00 €

  • - The Original Bestseller
    von Paul Hollywood
    18,98 €

    In this new edition of the original bestseller, Paul Hollywood presents all the know-how you need to bake delicious and unusual breads

  • von Ben Cohen
    11,89 €

    Discover the world of homemade ice cream from the masters themselves. 'Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book' is a delightful creation by Ben Cohen, a name synonymous with delicious and innovative ice cream. Published in 1987, this book is a treasure trove of unique and mouthwatering dessert recipes that will leave you craving for more. The book belongs to the genre of cookbooks and is an absolute must-have for all dessert enthusiasts. It not only introduces you to a variety of ice cream flavors but also guides you on how to make them at home. From classic favorites to Ben & Jerry's special, the book has something for everyone. Published by Workman Publishing, 'Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream & Dessert Book' is more than just a cookbook, it's an invitation to create, indulge, and enjoy. Dive into this sweet journey and let your taste buds experience the magic of homemade desserts.

  • - The Baking Book for Every Kitchen, with Classic Cookies, Novel Treats, Brownies, Bars, and More
    von Sarah Kieffer
    22,98 €

    This is a go-to baking book of 100 cookie recipes from a wellknown blogger in a gifty package (ribbon marker, foil cover) with an amazing amount of content for the price point.

  • von Alison Roman
    35,00 €

  • von Christina Tosi
    26,00 €

  • - Ancient Modern Classic Whole
    von Chad Robertson
    31,00 €

    Tartine 3 presents a revolutionary approach to baking whole grain, ancient grain and sprouted bread and pastry using customised methods of blending grains and fermenting the dough, resulting in delicious loaves of whole grain bread and toothsome pastries with complex flavours and aromas.

  • von Paul Hollywood
    22,98 €

    The last word in baking from the nation's favourite expert

  • von Kate Reid
    30,00 €

  • - The ultimate expert guide, with more than 200 recipes and step-by-step techniques and produced as a hardback book in a beautiful slipcase
    von Éditions Larousse
    44,00 €

    The ultimate expert guide to pastry, patisserie and baking, with more than 200 recipes and step-by-step techniques, from the creators of Larousse Gastronomique.

  • von Stephen Flynn & David Flynn
    24,00 €

  • - The Ultimate Recipes from the Master Patissier
    von Pierre Hermé
    35,00 €

  • von B. Dylan Hollis
    21,00 €

    Baking Yesteryear is a delightful culinary journey penned by the talented B. Dylan Hollis. Published in 2023 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd., this book is a must-have for all baking enthusiasts. The book takes the reader back in time, exploring the traditional baking methods of yesteryears. B. Dylan Hollis, a renowned author in the genre of cookbooks, beautifully intertwines history and baking, providing a unique perspective on the evolution of baking techniques. The recipes in the book are not just a set of instructions, but a story told through the author's engaging writing style. Baking Yesteryear is more than just a cookbook; it's a celebration of the art of baking. Published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd., known for their high-quality publications, this book is a valuable addition to any kitchen library.

  • - Knockout recipes to celebrate the sweeter things in life
    von Ravneet Gill
    18,98 €

    For as long as Ravneet Gill can remember sugar been her friend and constant companion, so it's little wonder that she grew up to become a pastry chef for some of London's most respected food institutions. Rav's first book, The Pastry Chef's Guide laid down the basics, but now she is back - serving more gems to help you build up your baking armory.

  • - Real-Life Recipes for Fantasy Foods
    von Cassandra Reeder
    13,98 €

    Title: The Geeky Chef Cookbook, Author: Cassandra Reeder, Publication Year: 2020-05-05, Publisher: Race Point Publishing, Language: eng

  • - Modern Tart Art and Pie Design for the Eye and the Palate
    von Lauren Ko
    23,98 €

    New York Times bestsellerThe pie-making genius behind the popular Instagram account @lokokitchen reveals the secrets of her mind-blowing creations in this gorgeous full-color cookbook featuring 50 incredible sweet and savory pie and tart designsIn a few short years, Lauren Ko made all hell bake loose, going from novice pie baker to internet star and creator of today’s most surprising and delightful pie and tart designs. Her unique geometric style uses fruit and dough cut and woven into stunning shapes to highlight color and texture. With an elegant symmetry that matches their knockout flavor, her dazzlingly intricate and inventive designs look difficult to produce, but can be achieved with little more than a knife, ruler, and some patience.In Pieometry, Lauren reveals her secrets, sharing stories about her designs and the inspiration behind them. Warm and funny, she recounts the spectacular piesasters that led to some of her best creations, and breaks down her most beautiful designs, describing how to make naturally-colored dough, intricate weaves, and striking cut-out patterns. Pieometry provides clear, step-by-step instructions, accompanied by helpful photographs, which any patient baker can follow to build these pies from bottom crust to top in their own kitchens. Lauren makes it easy to mix and match doughs, fruits, fillings, and designs, and each recipe includes suggestions for alternative ingredients. Best of all, the beautiful finished pie and tart photos are just as much of a treat to look at as the pies are to eat. But even if you make a mistake here and there, her flavors save the day!When it comes to flavor, Pieometry offers a balance of sweet and savory pies that are a feast for the senses, including:Of a Shingle Mind: Honey ricotta tart with an herbed pastry shell and beetsBerried Treasure: Lavender blackberry cream with a shortbread crust and berriesWave of Wonders: Cardamom coffee cream with a shortbread crust and pearOnce in a Tile: Pumpkin black sesame pie with a black sesame crustC and Easy: Butternut bacon macaroni and cheese pie with a whole wheat cheddar chive crustSquiggle Room: Grilled cinnamon pineapple pie with a basic butter crustWhether you want to impress at the holidays or just spruce up a family meal, Pieometry is your guide to transforming a rustic traditional dessert into a modern masterpiece. 

  • von Cupcake Jemma
    10,98 €

    Offers a collection of 50 deliciously inventive and exciting cake and cupcake recipes such as Raspberry Ripple, Super Lemon Meringue and Ridiculous Chocolate as well as amazing cupcakes like Blueberry Cheesecake, Buttered Popcorn, Cookies & Cream, Eton Mess and more.

  • - An Odyssey from Samarkand and Vilna to the Present Day
    von Claudia Roden
    28,00 €

    'No-one will ever produce a richer, or more satisfying feast of the Jewish experience.' - Simon Schama 'One can't imagine a better food book than this, ever: for the reader and the cook.' - Nigella Lawson, Vogue 'THE BOOK OF JEWISH FOOD deserves its definitive article. It should stand as the book for many years... It is not likely to be surpassed.' - The Telegraph 'Manna from Heaven.' - Independent on Sunday

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