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  • - The Unique Sales System Proven Successful by the World's Best Companies
    von Robert B Miller
    31,00 €

    Confront the rapidly changing world of B2B sales with this bestselling book by leaders at Miller Heiman, which introduced the world to the influential concept of 'win-win' when it comes to sales.

  • - 1000 Practice Test Questions to Boost Your Brainpower
    von Ken Russell & Philip (Author) Carter
    19,00 - 66,00 €

    Boost your brain power, stretch your mind, and assess your own performance with 1000 practice questions written and compiled by IQ-test experts.

  • - How to Maximize Impact with e-Sourcing and e-Negotiation
    von Jacob Gorm Larsen
    50,00 €

    Understand how to integrate eNegotiation and eSourcing into your procurement strategy with examples of successful implementation from Maersk.

  • - Frameworks to Navigate Global Fintech Innovation
    von Helene Panzarino & Alessandro Hatami
    34,00 €

    Understand the global fintech ecosystem, recognise the emergence and specialisms of key hubs, and learn how collaboration can drive innovation.

  • - Develop Employees through Effective Workplace Learning
    von Andy Lancaster
    30,00 €

    Align learning and development activity with the organizational strategy, delivered in the flow of work, to improve both employee and organizational performance.

  • - Essential Guidance to the Change Management Body of Knowledge
    47,00 €

    Define and practice change management more successfully with this official guide to the Change Management Body of Knowledge, complete with practical tools, underpinning theory and best practice.

  • - Your Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solving in Business
    von Chris Griffiths
    21,00 €

    Unlock unlimited streams of creativity with this comprehensive handbook, packed with personalized advice, practical tools, useful templates, and a tried-and-tested problem-solving model.

  • - A Proven Approach for Negotiations with Suppliers
    von Jonathan O'Brien
    59,00 €

    A step-by-step approach to delivering winning negotiations with tools and tactics for purchasing and supply chain professionals.

  • von Tom Goodwin
    14,98 €

  • - How to Create an Agile Business in the Digital Age
    von Simon Hayward
    17,58 €

    Harness a powerful leadership programme based on agile thinking to best deal with the modern, uncertain, volatile and ambiguous business world.

  • - Mastering the HR Metric
    von Kirsten Edwards & Dr. Martin Edwards
    42,00 €

    Confidently use predictive analysis with HR metrics to model employee attitudes, assess attrition risk and more with this book for HR professionals and consultants.

  • - How to Hold onto Your Most Important Customers and Turn Them into Long Term Assets
    von Robert B Miller
    32,00 €

    Protect and strengthen key accounts with this hard-hitting, no-nonsense guide to managing important business relationships.

  • - Designing Education and Training that Works to Improve Performance
    von Nick Shackleton-Jones
    34,00 €

    Design training and educational programmes to improve learning, engagement, skills development and performance.

  • - How to Create Effective Learning that Works
    von Donald Clark
    35,00 €

    Understand how to use emotion, memory, engagement and design thinking to create effective learning experiences for in-person, remote and digital learning.

  • - How to Use the Latest Insights for the Benefit of Your Clients
    von Amy Brann
    35,00 €

    Understand the neuroscience behind coaching tools and theories clearly so you can apply the principles confidently.

  • - The Data Literacy Skills Everyone Needs To Succeed
    von Jordan Morrow
    22,98 €

    Develop the curiosity, creativity and critical thinking needed to confidently interpret, analyze and communicate with data in the workplace.

  • - Where the Complexities of Diversity and Inclusion Meet Practical Solutions
    von Simon Fanshawe
    22,98 €

    Learn how to create true diversity and inclusion by combining our differences, having open conversations and listening to all voices, not just the few, with this practical and engaging guide.

  • - How to Create Successful Influencer Marketing
    von Gordon Glenister
    36,00 €

    Build a successful, mutually beneficial influencer marketing campaign strategy that will empower both the brand and the influencer; grow profits, and spread your message to the most relevant markets.

  • - A Practical Guide to Delivering Data Science and Machine Learning Products
    von Alexander Borek & Nadine Prill
    34,00 €

    Avoid being left behind and make data science and artificial intelligence a profitable part of your business with this practical guide to product delivery.

  • - How to Understand Your Audience and Create Remarkable Marketing
    von Dr Christine Bailey
    24,00 €

    Harness the extraordinary power of customer insights with this collection of adaptable, scalable strategies, which will allow any marketer to outshine the competition with effective, memorable marketing.

  • - Leading and Sense-making in an Age of Hyperchange
    von Madeline Ashby & Scott Smith
    22,00 €

    Adapt, embrace uncertainties and create more resilient business strategies by mastering the futuring mindset.

  • - Cut Through the Noise and Communicate With Impact
    von Andy Maslen
    28,00 €

    Improve consumer engagement and sell with confidence using this complete handbook for creative professionals; ideal for those seeking to accelerate their copywriting skills to the next level.

  • - The Principles, Practices and Application for Individuals, Teams and Groups
    von John Whittington
    35,00 €

    Better understand and apply the principles of systemic coaching with the new edition of this popular guide for executive, leadership and team coaches.

  • - How Neuroscience can Power Your Sales Success
    von Simon Hazeldine
    65,00 €

    Develop an effective, straightforward selling system based on neuroscience insights on how customers' minds really work.

  • - The Somatic Approach to Developing Your Leadership
    von Pete Hamill
    152,00 €

    The first practical guide to the theory and practice of embodied leadership techniques.

  • - Improving Performance for Leaders, Coaches and the Individual
    von Stephen Neale, Lisa Spencer-Arnell & Liz Wilson
    42,00 - 105,00 €

    Emotional Intelligence Coaching describes how to assess and manage the emotions of one's self, or others. The authors present the skills necessary to use EI as a powerful tool to help coach for enhanced performance.

  • - A Practical Guide to Making Operations Work
    von Professor Nigel Slack
    56,00 €

    Get guidance on how to set the agenda for developing operations capabilities; know what you should expect from your middle managers; and find new ways of facilitating operations improvement.

  • - Core Business Competence
    von Peter Sammons
    56,00 €

    Learn from this practical guide full of tools for managing contracts, specifically client-supplier relationships and big procurement contracts.

  • - A Practical Guide to Successful Digital Transformation
    von Daniel Rowles
    38,00 €

    Access insider stories from leading companies on how digital culture has improved their business practices, leading to increased adaptability and productivity.

  • - How Great Leaders Use Purpose to Build Thriving Organizations
    von Oh
    38,00 €

    Place a compelling purpose at the heart of your business strategy with this inspiring framework for organisational success.

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